Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here we go!

We are just about ready to make our news fully public and therefore the blogging begins. To update those of you who are just finding out now I'll give you a quick re-cap of the last 11 weeks.

Sean and I found out that we were expecting on November 2nd. After being told that it would take a while for me to conceive we fully expected a negative test and were only taking one 'to be safe'. We were preparing for a weekend away with some friends at a house with a hot tub and hot tubs and alcohol are off limits so I wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant before we left. Well, surprise! Our second pink line showed up about 5 seconds after I had re-capped the test. I was already aware of how to read the results but poor Sean wanted to read and re-read the directions to make sure we knew what we were looking at. In his shocked state he kept trying to handle the test for a closer look and had to be reminded which end was 'safe' to handle. We were the first to arrive at the house we had rented for the weekend and wouldn't you know the first thing Sean see was a 'What to expect when you are expecting" type of book. Two weeks prior our priest had given a homely about conception and it had nothing to do with the readings so I guess it really was 'the right time', regardless of what we had been told.

My first pregnancy symptom came long before I knew I was pregnant. I kept 'feeling like' having a banana. Seems totally normal except for the fact that I hate bananas normally, so this really should have been my first clue.

From week 5 to week 10ish I was exhausted and had some pretty intense nausea, although didn't throw up, much to eveyone's surprise since that has been my bodies typical coping mechanism for everything from headaches to caffeine withdraw. Now in week 11 I am feeling pretty good in comparison and I am looking forward to the beginning of my second trimester when the fun really begins.

Now you know! I hope to keep everyone updated on the progress of the pregnancy and the delights of our new born through this blog, similar to how we did the wedding website, only this is free.

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Tara said...

We are so happy for you. We almost got lil'Berry a Mets Xmas/Santa hat it was so cute-but then realized by the time he is born July? that his noggin would be tooo big by then to fit it and didn't find a bigger size. Maybe by next year we will find one.. it was just oh so fitting you and Brian and those Mets - I am sure lil'Berry will be a big fan to. Hey maybe he will like the Yankees- j/k
Love the sonograms. wish I was in Queens still with you especially now.