Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Baby Pictures

We have now had our first and second ultrasounds so I thought I should post some of the pictures.

This was our first glimpse of our little peanut, who at this point has had a variety of nicknames from monkey (see below about the bananas) to the 'grand-berry'. Sean and I seem to use he quite a bit so we are just going with that as it flows easier than 'it'. If we were Spanish he would be universal so we'll just pretend it is.

This sonogram was done at 8 wks at which time we heard a strong and fast heartbeat! (Which I found out later greatly increased our chances of taking the pregnancy to term.

Next we have two images from the 11 wk sonogram. My OB pre-screens everyone for Down's Syndrome so we got to see the baby again. This time it lasted long enough for us to see the baby moving around and watch his little heart beating.

In this one you can see how much he has grown in just three weeks ( although the magnification is different so its a bit deceiving) You can see a little hand and what we think is the umbilical cord. That might be a leg extended upward but I'm not entirely sure. Our little munchkin has a bit of a pot belly already, clearly not going undernourished ;-).

Finally here is a close up of his head. He was moving around quite a bit so you can see here his back is arched a little bit upwards.
Again, we don't know the sex yet and I'm just using he for simplicity. We will find out the sex sometime in late February or early March, and we will let you know then.
Again we got a nice strong heart beat during this ultrasound too, although we didn't really need to hear it, we could see it quite clearly in his little chest.


Kristy said...

Nice looking kid! I think you should type she and say the 's' is silent... just to mix things up. We just referred to the baby as Lil' Jimmy regardless if it was a girl or a boy. Lil' Seany sounds cute... or you could go by his middle name and say Lil' Larry. OR... I got no more.

jj said...

We're ready for more! Girl or Boy...Becky Boo or Seany..Let's Go! Are We There Yet?!

Erin said...

Sonogram pictures are so fun! You'll be amazed at how much "IT" has grown by your 20 week appointment -- it's really incredible.

The Occhio-boys are hoping for a little male playmate! And -- that way, you'll be able to get lots of good hand-me-downs ...