Monday, January 7, 2008

A visit to the Doctor.

I got the all clear for travel at my doctors visit this morning. So in two weeks Sean and I(along with my little travel companion) are off to the Mexican Rivera for a week long cruise. Ahhh vacation, we are certainly overdue in that department. I am officially up 8 lbs and the doctor assures me that that is a normal amount for this stage. Regardless of being told that "I'm big" for 13 wks by our neighbor! My due date has changed as I expected it would so July 14th is the correct date, not the 8th/9th ( I'm fine with that I like 14's better than 8's anyway). We listened to the baby's heartbeat and everything is progressing very nicely. I have another visit in 4 wks for blood work to check for spina bifida and then the next ultrasound should be between 18-20 weeks for anatomy, that's when we find out if baby is really a boy as so many people suspect. Baby and I are doing very well, no worries at this stage.


Kristy said...

That widget on the right side is freaking me out!

You look so cute in your bump picture with your big smile! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

All good things come to those who wait...some sooner...some later. Somewhere in the first two weeks of July we just never know...September 14th...after a due date of August that's just cruel!