Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby bump. 18 weeks.

I saw my neighbor in the elevator today and he once again told me I'm too big for only 4months and that I look 6 or 7 months pregnant. I know he isn't trying to be insulting but sheesh, I'm starting to feel a bit freakish. I can't seem to win, I've been 'too skinny' since I was old enough to understand the words and now I'm too big. Well screw it I'm pregnant! I'm allowed to gain weight, in fact I'm supposed to! So there. (ok I'm done now)

I still feel great. I'll admit I get a little more winded going up stairs than I used to, but I'm close to 20% heavier than I was 4 months ago so that is to be expected. I'm feeling the baby more and more although its still not frequent by any means. Sean and I are both looking forward to finding out the gender and getting things started with the fun stuff of registering, picking out bedding and painting/decorating (Okay maybe Sean doesn't think that's the fun stuff but I do).

That's all.


Elaine and Brandon said...

I think you look absolutely wonderful. All your weight is baby weight and not all over indicating you are being a GREAT eater. I think a big baby belly is so wonderful and look forward to seeing more pictures as it has been so neat to see the pictures over the past few weeks. -Elaine

AbbeM said...

Becky, you look great! Baby bellies are beautiful, and as long as that's where your weight is concentrated, I think you're fine. You've not swollen at all! So, enjoy your pregnancy and ignore anyone who says otherwise. :)

Anonymous said...

Becky dear,

How does your neighbor what 4 months pregnant looks like? It does appear that it is all baby at this point. You still look so tiny. Enjoy your pregnancy, love.

Aunt Saj

Anonymous said...

Just randomly came across your blog because I too am big for 18 weeks. I was 100 lbs 5'5 pre-pregnancy and now 112 and its all baby bump. I related to your blog entry because Ive heard the 'youre too skinny' stuff forever and now I have people coming up saying awww is it a Christmas baby? Im like uhhhh more like a Leap Year baby, LOL ohh well. Can't win sometimes and I guess its us skinny folk who show so quickly.