Monday, February 4, 2008

Clean bill of health

Baby and I had another doctors appointment this morning. It is always reassuring to get to hear the munchkins heartbeat since I only feel him moving once every two weeks or so. They took blood to check for neural tube defects and I'll have the results in about a week. I have now gained 20lbs!! Which is about 4lbs heavier that I 'should' be at this point (according to my own calculation based on various sources),but my doctor said there is nothing to worry about at this point and said the cruise is probably what put me over. Somehow she guessed I was having ice cream everyday!
I am just starting to get to the point where my shirts don't fit very well. More and more often I put on a shirt and I've got some belly hanging out.
Finally, the news you are all waiting for. The anatomy ultrasound has been scheduled! On February 26th at 11:30am Sean and I will go and find out the sex of the baby, as long as the baby cooperates that is. Just three short weeks until we get to start picking out bedding and furniture for the nursery. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

What about a hair color CAT scan test?