Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crazy week.

I had hoped to start blogging about baby products last week but we unfortunately got some sad news on Valentines Day that Sean's grandmother passed away. It was a fairly unexpected death, but she lived a long and happy 87 years. She died of a heart attack and went quickly while in the company of family and paramedics. She always said she had been born at the perfect time and really was very pleased with her life. The services were Monday and Tuesday, and while she will be missed I have no doubt she is happier now in the company of her beloved relatives who passed before her.

As if that weren't enough, we also had car trouble as we attempted to go home at the end of an emotional few days. The ignition on our car has had a 'trick' to it the last year and a half or so in that sometimes it doesn't turn and you have to tap/hit the key a few times to get it to move in the ignition. Tuesday it could not be coaxed into turning and it had to be left at a mechanic on Long Island. Sean's brother was sweet enough to drive us back to NYC and stay overnight on his way back to Atlantic City.

We can't really complain, the car could have picked a lot worse places to stop working and while it was unexpected we got to spend a few more hours with family before finally getting home.

Only 6 more days before the we know the baby's sex!

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