Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's Share!

I'm not sure if I was born this way or if it is a product of my education but I'm a researcher. Not just in terms of the fact that I'm a graduate student and thus I do research. When it comes time to buy, try or visit some/thing/one/place new Sean (and hes more thorough than I am) I research as much as possible so we can make an educated decision. Having a baby has brought about a whole new set of decisions to tackle and as usual I've been spending hours reading books and searching the Internet to find the out what products I think will be 'best' for the baby and my family. At the same time I've been reading up, I've been discussing a lot of products with a few friends. It seems we are all spending tons of time researching the same things and wouldn't it be better if we share some of our knowledge! So in between the health reports I'm going to be blogging about some of the products and techniques I'm looking in to and see if anyone has any good suggestions or special knowledge about them. Things like, car seats, diapers, breast pumps, baby bottles, vaccinations and whatever else comes to mind. Hopefully I won't be the only one 'talking'. =)


AbbeM said...

Becky - my "wealth of experience" (hah!) with 9 week old Natalie has led me to have lots of advice. Feel free to ignore it. :) But seriously, I will let you know what products I have found helpful! I did the same thing with some friends of mine, and it really does help weed out the stuff you don't need. Good luck!

Science Geek said...

Look up MSDSs for the major components of products.

efalcone said...

Hi Becky,
You're smart to do research now, while you still have the time and "energy" before the baby comes! Since my babies are now 9 years old, my knowledge of today's baby products are outdated, but as the family Librarian, I will recommend two books that I could not live without as a mom:

Marie Winn's "The Plug-In Drug"

and Jim Trelease's "The Read Aloud Handbook"

I wish I had read these books a lot sooner than I did!