Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ultrasound pics.

Caution graphic photos of baby parts to follow!

Here are some of the ultrasound images from today. We didn't get any 'classic' profile shots of him because he wanted to look at us the whole time but we tried.

This is the closest we got to that classic image. It is sorta 3/4 view so its hard to make everything out but the head and body are clearly visible with the leg curled up in the fetal (how fitting) position.

This one is the skeleton shot of the head face on. You should be able to make out the eye orbitals below his larger than average brain (okay I'm being silly but his head is measuring 1 week larger than the average baby, apparently nothing to be concerned about). That's his arm up by his head. He is a feisty little guy, he kept looking like he was trying to take a swing at us with that arm. Very fun to watch.

And finally!!! THE PARTS. This one is a little harder to 'read' if you aren't used to looking at these suckers. Imagine you are looking at a photocopy, the image is oriented as if the baby is sitting on the glass of the photocopier with his legs points to about 11:oo in the image. In the space between his legs you see the penis. Above his penis is his little fist as if to say 'back off its mine'.

At first he was being a little shy about spreading his legs, to the point where the first ultrasound tech thought he was a girl. So for about 2 mins while we waited for the Dr. to come, we thought we might be having a girl. He got a little braver for the Dr and we got the image above that very CLEARLY shows that he is a little boy.

To answer the next question on most minds, we don't have a name picked out. I don't want to name the baby until we see him for two reasons: One: I want to have something to surprise people with the day of his birth and Two: I want to get a look at him to make sure it feels right before I commit. Besides, at the moment we have more than one name we like, so it will be easier for me to narrow it down when I see him. At least that is what I'm thinking now. When we settle in on some front runners I'll pass along the info so you can give your opinion... and if you hate all the names I probably will ignore your opinion. =).


Kristy said...

Nugget, nugget, nugget, nugget...


Becky said...

'I'm into nuggets y'all I'm into nuggets y'all...dip it that barbaque sauce'

Science Geek said...

He will love this posting right around age 12! No repainting needed!

Michelle :) said...

aw! It's a little man :)