Friday, February 22, 2008

'What do you/ did you miss most?'

People keep asking me what I miss most of the things I've had to give up while pregnant. Here are my top three:
1. Advil Sinus
2. Lattes
3. Sangria from Pio Pio

1. I often have sinus congestion headaches that one Advil sinus kicks without a problem. I probably have allergies but have never bothered to look into it because its just an easy fix. Being pregnant I can't have the drugs so I just have to deal with the headaches. I've been lucky really, they aren't as frequent as they were before I was pregnant, but knowing what would fix it and not being about to fix it is frusterating

2. I gave up coffee drinks when I found out I was pregnant. I was a dunkin ditties (donuts) every day kinda girl and not having that nice hot creamy latte in the morning has been a bit of a bummer. Especially when its really cold. Although I guarantee I'll miss iced coffee more come summer time.

3. If you have had the Sangria (and aren't Kristeen) at Pio Pio you understand why I miss it. It is a little piece of heaven and we have gone to the restaurant 3 or 4 times since I've been pregnant and I only allow myself the slightest of sips. Most other alcohol I can live without, but there is just something about that meal that requires the sangria.

Leave me a comment with what you miss/ed (or think you will miss) most while pregnant??

Next post. CAR SEATS.


Kristeen said...

I can tell you what I won't miss: Pio Pio Sangria. Call me a loser if you want (and Becky did), but my experience was similar to that of drinking fruit scented rubbing alcohol or at least what I imagine it would be like.

Elaine and Brandon said...

Since I am not pregnant I only know that research/people who are pregnant have indicated these are things you should not have/not do while pregnant. If that is true than I would miss the following:
1. Caffeine- I am not an avid soda drinker but I do like an occassional diet coke and caffeine free just doesn't do it for me.
2. Lunch meat- People who are pregnant at work said you shouldn't eat lunch meat because it is not good. I sometimes figure we were all born and our parents ate lunch meat and look how well we turned out, right?!?! But I would probably stay away from them because I would worry, but then what the heck else do you eat?
3. Pedicures/highlights-I don't get either done that often but I know it isn't good for me, let alone the baby (of the future). But man a pedicure is so relaxing
4. Eating soft cheese (feta)- is not good at all. I love feta cheese and greek salads so that one will be probably very hard for me.

I will enjoy however:
1. Not cleaning the cat litter---YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Science Geek said...

Coffee, Wine, and Blue Cheese are some of my favorite things. It is worth it though.
You can still get a pedicure, just don't get polish/polish remover.

Elaine and Brandon said...

I love having my toe nails painted so that would be difficult. I love to indulge on a nice pedicure so as long as I am pregnant from September-May then I am golden.

Michelle :) said...

I miss:
1) Sleeping on my belly.
2) Tying shoes or putting on socks without it being a struggle.
3) Wearing heels and skinny jeans.
4) Bowling for fun (although I did that until I was 22 weeks pregnant and could no longer comfortably swing the ball:)
5) Wearing normal sized clothes!!
6) Shaving my legs without a struggle... although amazingly, my leg hair has been growing SO slowly (even though it's a boy in there) that I can go 2-3 weeks without batting an eye, and it's like a day's worth of normal stubble. Yay legs!

I wouldn't put too much stock into the caffeine thing at this point... my doc said one cup or two a day is fine, esp. once you're out of the first trimester. Also, feta cheese is normally pasteurized, so it should be OK too. Just avoid anything unpasteurized (like unp. Cider, or unp. milk). Lunch meat could mean lysteria, but it's OK to eat if you heat it first (to kill any bacteria) - that said, it's very rare.

And I'll get off my soapbox now :)