Tuesday, March 4, 2008

21 Week Check-up.

I was at the doctor yesterday and all is going very well. She signed off on the ultrasound saying that all was very normal. The official weight gain is now 23lbs, so I have slowed a bit from the last visit (phewf!). I was at my friend Erin's baby shower this past weekend and it was very good to see her. Aside from the fact that she is adorable, seeing how large her belly was (shes having twins) made me feel like mine wasn't as huge as I thought it was, although it also made me realize I've got a long way to go! As I read that back it makes it sound like her belly is HUGE, its not but she is 8 months pregnant with twins. I'll have to get her permission before I post a pic of the two of us showing off our bellies.

Good news! The doctor said my book is a LIAR and that under wire bra's do not cause milk duct clogs so I am free to go back to wearing them. WOO HOO! She also said the pain I've been feeling in my tail bone and pelvis is from the baby's position and that is why it comes and goes. Being small framed means the baby is right up next to everything and as he bounces around hes going to cause some pain. Oh and its going to get worse! A less enthusiastic and totally sarcastic woo hoo to that.

The baby has gotten more active over the last few days, so Sean finally got to feel him kicking last night! I think he was a little surprised by the force of it. He asked if I minded having a human inside me kicking and poking at me. Obviously I don't mind.

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Michelle :) said...

A-freaking-men to the underwire thing. Could NOT live without mine.

Sounds like you have been having some sciatica - I had that a lot from weeks 8-14, and got it again for short periods of time in the late 20 weeks (27-29). Luckily I haven't had it since (35 weeks now). That said, there are some other gems that little boy M is tossing my way - like punching my bladder, kicking my ribs, and sending my food back up giving me awesome heartburn. I guess I shouldn't complain too much though - at least I didn't have morning sickness! :