Monday, March 31, 2008

25 week Check-Up

The blueberry and I had a doctors appointment this morning. All is well, my belly is measuring perfectly, whatever that means. My blood pressure was normal for me (which means its slightly lower than normal) so no worries there. My doctor says I have a very cute bump (she probably says that to all the girls!)! As far as the weight pool, I think I'm going to blow you guys all away. (Does that mean I win?) As of this morning I have gained a whopping 31 LBS! This projects me to gain over 50 by the end of all this. I'm really hoping that doesn't happen but I don't seem to have much control over it. So yeah, I'll probably start knocking people out of the running in the next month or so.. Sorry, my bad!
Some of the weight gain at this stage is probably due to water weight. It is starting to seem as if I'm following in my sisters footsteps here because as of this week I've already had to stop wearing my wedding ring, and my feet are starting to 'puff' out of dress shoes (joy of joys!).
I have another doctors appointment in two weeks to do a glucose tolerance test, which means I get to drink some nasty sugar solution and they take blood to make sure I'm not diabetic, or hypoglycemic or anything like that. This will also be the first appointment where I meet a different doctor in the practice. Dr. Gade says I will most likely deliver with her but in the event she isn't available this will make me more comfortable with the other doctors who would fill in for her. I think there are a total of four of them in the practice, all women (although that's really not that important to me). So from now until my due date I'll have every other appointment with her and the other appointments with one of the other doctors.
That's all for now. I added a coming soon section, so you'll have an idea about what topics might be coming up in the near future. Mostly, it is to help me remember what I want to blog about since the brain is a bit like a colander right now.

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