Monday, March 17, 2008

The Name Game

So the number one question I get asked when people find out the sex of the baby is..."So what are you going to name him?". The answer, I have no idea! My plan has been to take three name options into the delivery room with me and choose the name after I get a good look at him. Since the sex isn't going to be a surprise I want the name at least to be a surprise... plus I like to make game-time decisions. Besides, if I picked a name too early my mother would have it engraved and stitched or printed, (oh and don't forget the monogram) into/onto whatever she can find (don't try to deny it Mom, its your m.o. =)).
However, the current problem is that Sean and I do not agree on names. We had a couple picked out before we knew the sex, but those have become wishy washy and are mostly off the table (although John/Jack may be back on the table as of yesterday). Sean has a tendency to like strong, sharp names, (like Declan) while I favor the sweeter, romantic names (like Elliot or Seth). For the most part the name game gets played like this... Sean suggests a name and more often than not I just don't like it... I suggest a name and there either is already someone by that name in his family, he grew up with someone by that name, or he associates that name with an racial/ethnic group that isn't Irish and therefore says no. For example, Jake is out because he once knew a guy named Jacob and his cousins name is Jacob, Nicolas is out because it sounds too Russian (even though I think Cole is an adorable nickname). He favors Irish names but his family has sort of cornered the market on Irish names and I feel like we should try something else or at least not restrict ourselves to that single category.
We have worn the boy pages of our name book thin and now have to get a new one. So if you have suggestions I'm happy to hear them.


Tiffiny said...

Here are the names I would like to throw into the hat:

(They're all Irish)

Here are the Non-Irish names:

On a closing note, I told Jeff that if I'm going to throw up for three months, have swollen body parts for three months (or more)carry the child for nine months, put on 35 pounds, push the child out of my body, tearing and ripping in the process, and then get up in the middle of the night to breast feed the child for three months...I think that earns me the right to name the baby. You might want to try this with Sean.

Becky said...

Some of those we've ruled out but some are new.. I'll have to see what Sean says. Thanks Tiff. I tried to explain that argument to Sean but I told him I was hoping not to have to play that card since I would really appreciate some help during those late night feedings (i.e. you change him I'll feed him!). Sean has really been a good sport about the pregnancy, if he could take the burden he would in a heartbeat.

Kristy said...

I love how you comment on your own blog all the time.

Michelle :) said...

Dillon, Glendon, Liam, Owen, Quinlan, Quinn, Ronan... just a few Irish ones.

What about using a strong name as a first name, and a softer name as a middle name (or vice versa)? That's kinda what we did - I think the 1st name we picked sounds soft and the middle name sounds stronger, but the meanings are reversed (the 1st name has a strong meaning, while the middle name is softer). Good luck - we named ours 3 or 4 times before we actually came to a consensus!

Elaine and Brandon said...

I know that Sean is into Irish names, are you also looking into Irish middle names? Can you pick a name that someone else in the family has as a middle name?

Erica said...

Chaz loves the name Quinlan, and it is his great-grandmother's maiden name. What about a family last name that is Irish?