Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Feature

I was spending some time on other 'green' baby blogs and I realized how nice blog labels are for sorting through posts to find the ones you are interested in. Since I blog on a variety of topics I thought my readers might like to be able to sort through the posts as well. So I just went back through my posts and labeled all of them so you would be able to sort. Now when I put up new baby bump photos you can easily click on the baby bump label to filter back through and see all the older photos (that's for Elaine, since she said she likes to do that). And yes I know I'm due to post a photo, I hope to get to it tonight. Last night was marathon grocery shopping at BJ's and Target. Which is surprising exhausting!! Sean and I unloaded (which is an ordeal when you don't have a driveway) and passed out. Tonight we are visiting Norman our tax guy so if I do get to it, it will be late.

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