Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some pictures.

Here is the picture I talked about from Erin's Baby shower. Ignore the huge wet spot, pregnancy makes me clumsy.. actually that's not true, I was already clumsy.

And next is a picture of Griffin in the bassinet I just brought home from my sisters. Its still on the ground and not put together (hence the parts all around it), and Griffin has claimed it as his home. On the positive side Sadie (our other cat) doesn't go in there, but that's only because Griffin beats her up if she does (which is odd because shes normally the boss). I'm really hoping that once its put together the rocking motion will freak Griffin out and he won't want to be in it anymore. However, I will be taking further measures of prevention by constructing a tent out of cheesecloth so they simply can't get in there when the baby is in there.


Erin said...

Wow, who is that girl? She's hot! HA! :)

Michelle :) said...

BECKY!!! You'd better go to the hospital soon. Looks like your water broke :)