Monday, April 14, 2008

27 Week Check Up.

Not much to say about this mornings visit to the doctor. I met the second doctor in the practice and she was very nice. The baby's heartbeat was good, my blood pressure was good and I'm measuring correctly.. the problem... I've gained 36lbs and I'm only 27 weeks along. Before I even said anything she told me I have to cut out the ice cream, apparently it is the downfall of all pregnant women. The current problem now is what do I do with the mega box of Klondike bars in the freezer. I would be okay I think if it just wasn't in the house, but come on. On top of that I made cupcakes for the lab today to celebrate a birthday so I have another 10 or so cupcakes in the house that I'm not supposed to eat. I honestly don't feel like I'm eating that much more than I used to but the scale doesn't lie and I've put on 5 lbs in TWO weeks. That is a bit crazy. If I can limit the weight gain to 1.5 lbs a week from here on out I will still have gained 51 lbs by the end. So much for my 35lb goal!!

In related events, I still have yet to find a stretch mark. I'm not naive enough to think I'll make it the entire 40 weeks without seeing any (especially considering the weight gain) but the later they show up the better.


Michelle :) said...

Re: weight gain

I gained 45.5 lbs by 37 weeks when I had Asher - much of that was water weight, but it was still weight. I currently have 15 or so lbs to lose to get back down to where I was pre-pregnancy, and this is the hard part. You'll find that much of it will probably come right off rather quickly, and the last few will be hard to lose. I loved snickers bars. :)

Re: stretchmarks

I didn't have ANY related to baby weight when I gave birth. I noticed my first one (and then the subsequent 100) about 2 days after delivery. AWESOME. I thought I was in the clear! I guess they're battle scars and trophies of what I endured and the prize I got at the end :)

Kristy said...

I love my Becky Chubs!

Anonymous said...

SAVE THOSE KLONDIKE BARS....for dear 'ol dad....Love, your "light-weight Father"

Elaine and Brandon said...

Can you not eat any sweets or just significantly limit them? Is it true that cravings intensify during pregnancy? Have you had any "odd" cravings? Are you craving any foods you used to hate/despise?

AbbeM said...

I didn't have a single stretch mark either...until about week 39. I also thought I was in the clear! Oh well. They do eventually least, I keep telling myself that.

I actually lost all of the weight pretty quickly afterwards (maybe i shouldn't brag about that...), but getting the abdominals back in shape is REALLY hard. I don't know how long that will take, but i hate how loose the skin there still is. I figure lots of long walks in the nice weather pushing Natalie's stroller should help!

Erica said...

I think the stretch marks come after you lose some of the weight. Use cocoa butter!
I love klondike bars!!