Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Bump 28wks

Another two weeks have gone by so here is the latest photo. Sorry I was just too tired to think about changing my clothes for this picture so this will have to do. This is not a maternity shirt so it doesn't have the extra fabric in front making it look a little short (today was laundry day so I didn't have as many options as I normally do)

I'm a little late with the picture this week because our schedule got a bit off. I had my two favorite worker bees (aka my parents) visiting Sunday and Monday to help us prepare the apartment for the arrival of the 'blueberry'. We spent Sunday at Ikea and were almost completely successful in purchasing everything we needed. A few things were not in stock and we had a bit of a set back with the baby's dresser/changing table, but we did buy the crib and mattress (not the organic mattress, unfortunately the Ikea crib didn't fit the organic mattress but the dangerous flame retardants are not supposed to be in this mattress). Our living room will soon look more like a library with the amount of shelves that are in it. Dad was kind enough to put together four shelving units, plus a new kitchen buffet (doubling our storage space in there), plus build shelves into blueberry's closet to add more much needed storage space. Speaking of closets, my mom and I spent the day cleaning and re-organizing mine (and getting rid of lots of shoes) so we could get some of the boxes out of baby's. I tried to tackle this project a few weeks ago but got very overwhelmed and decided that 'I just need my mom for this.' Boy did she come through for me. Her ideas and organizational eye really got things under control. Seriously, I think I could rent my parents out and make some pretty big bucks, they are very useful and I'm very grateful. They even hauled away some of our remaining excess furniture!! Sean and I now need to secure the LR bookshelves to the wall (after cutting out holes for outlets to pop through), and fill them and that will really help toward emptying the nursery.


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Elaine and Brandon said...

I know I am often queen of the random (i.e. asking about the floor vase), but I noticed when I looked at all your pictures in sequence---how long your hair has gotten over the past weeks. Are you hoping to grow it out or "still looking for a good stylist" as you stated in an earlier blog. I like the length, just curious. Does your hair typically grow that fast or is it due to prenatal vitamins which I heard can make your nails and hair grow faster. Again, sorry for the random...

Kristy said...

This post is likeable!

I have used those workers before and things have gotten broken (on more than one occasion) - just to warn you.

Congratulations on your blog being very interesting but not enough to get Kristeen to comment.

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