Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

So what are you doing for earth day?!?! This was a question I pondered for a bit over the last few weeks. I knew I should do something, take a step to make a small change. So a considered a few things. While I would love to plant a tree, I don't' have a yard so that's not really an option. So I did some 'looking' at the areas of my life where I fail to live 'greenly', and I came up with two big ones that are really 'everyday' things. 1) I don't use re-usable shopping bags 2) I carry bottled water to the office everyday (yes of course I recycle the bottles but that's just not enough anymore). Both of these things are basically because I've put off the purchases of re-usable shopping bags and re-usable (and safe) water bottles because I've been doing 'research'. So that was my goal for today, purchase at least one of the two aforementioned items. This wasn't an easy task, I spent a lot of time looking at different varieties of each and deciding what would work best for me. I've decided to postpone the purchase of re-usable bags, for reasons I won't go into but it includes the fact that they would make great 'green' wrapping paper. However thanks to greenmomfinds I found some really cute ones that I will probably eventually purchase. http://www.prettygreenbag.com/shop/index.php and http://www.skeeda.com/bags.html. Both have fun and stylish bags that don't say things about how "I'm better than you because I re-use my shopping bag." I try to maintain a non-judgmental stance on the issue and don't want a bag that is pretentious. I do what I do because I want to and it works for me, you have to figure out what works for you.
So that means I'm buying a re-usable water bottle today.
The water bottle search has been going on for quite sometime, basically since I've been pregnant. Being pregnant means drinking 2L of water a day and I knew that wasn't going to be easy. It also means I am more concerned about finding a safe water bottle without BPA and many of the ones I saw locally were made of the wrong types of plastic. So I took the search up online. A couple places helped in my search none of which I can remember off hand (Update: I found one of my sources) but here is my pick: Sigg Traveler Classic Water Bottle (1.0-Liters). Its metal, so the plastic isn't an issue, it's a 1L bottle which is important to me because that's the size I carry to work. While they are dishwasher safe they recommend hand washing with a brush because of the narrow neck (I don't have a dishwasher I have a Sean.) Additionally, this bottle consistently got high reviews among bloggers. I could get it through Amazon so I bought two and got free shipping (you are thinking one for me and one for Sean, nope both for me! He is welcome to use them if he wants to but since he has access to filtered water at work he doesn't really need it).

On to filling the bottle: NYC water is rated among the cleanest but the chemical smell and taste of chlorine is way too much for my sensitive taste buds (especially if it's sitting for any length of time). We have Pur water filter on our tap that we purchased around the time I found out I was pregnant and I love it, no nasty smell or taste.

So that's what I did for earth day. We will not have to buy multipacks of 1L bottled Poland Spring water from BJ's anymore. Sorry BJ's, but you deserve less money for not efficently organizing your check-out lines in my store!!

Readers: follow Elaines example and tell me about something you do to live more 'greenly', or something you would like to start doing. Maybe we can all learn from each other!!


Elaine and Brandon said...

I have been using reusable shopping bags for about 6 months now. I saw how many bags I threw out each week in the garbage and felt sorry for the environment. I never considered myself "a nature lover", but I just saw it as such a waste. Since I have been using my own bags, I notice how inefficient, the plastic bags are. I honestly would have about 20 bags each week and now I have 5 reusable bags and often not all of them are full. I tell them "FILL THEM AS HEAVY AS YOU CAN MAKE THEM." I put all my meat in one, single bagged plastic. My goal is to buy one odd colored reusable bag and that is my meat bag.

I find that the older I am getting, I am becoming more conscious of the "waste factor." My mom never recycled. She found it to be too much of an inconvenience, as it is not mandatory in our town. When we moved here, I asked her if we could recycle. We typically have 6 totes (it is picked up every other week) and I feel so great when I see them at the curb. She used to have at least 1 bag of garbage a day and now we are at 2 a week.

I know this blog is not about me, but I think it is our generation that has to take the reigns and do what we can, little or big, to help our environment...it is worth it for our children to live in a healthy place!!!

Kristeen said...

You'll have to let me know how the Sigg bottles work out for you. They're sold all over here, and I'm always tempted but afraid that my water will take on a tinny taste. I have a rubber maid (plastic #5) bottle that works very well for me that I take to work and to the gym now instead of individual bottles.

Also, I made a sincere effort today to walk all of the paper I threw out at work today (and it's always a lot) to the recycle bin instead of just throwing it in my own, much more convenient, trash can. I should always do it, but with kids swarming my office, I can't say I always take the time to walk out of it.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed using my Chicobag...they are really convenient because they fold up into about 4" and very light weight. They hold up to 20lbs, I can throw it over my shoulder, and I can keep it in my messenger bag for when I find myself doing a little unanticipated shopping. Also I have found reusable veggie bags to be useful too (any cotton mesh will do, I like reuseablebags.com).

Erica said...

I have the reusable bags for groceries, and I do not buy water bottles. Also, I bring home my yogurt cup from school so I can recycle it.
Right now I am looking for a job, and I am trying to make sure it is as close to home as possible. I am not sure if it is possible in Buffalo, but I would love to live without a car. Or at least to not HAVE to drive my car every day.
Also (as you saw) we rented a prius this past weekend!! I loved it!

Tiffiny said...

Jeff and I recycle *everything,* probably things that aren't even recyclable. We used to ask each other, "is this recycleable?" But, we don't even do that anymore, we assume everything is recycable. AND, we use the plastic bags from the store to put our recycables in to carry them out to the recycle bin. I rarely buy water bottles - only if I'm out and really desperate for water. I almost always have my own water with me at all times. And I actually use glass Voss bottles to carry my water in. I have about 5 of them and because they're glass, I never taste anything but the water. Perhaps my favorite though is in the summer time - I'll just fill up a large cup and carry that around with me. Doin' it southern style. :o) I have been meaning to get the reusable grocery bags but I just haven't been sure about how many to get - worried that I wouldn't have enough. I know it's a silly worry - I'll get over it shortly. LOL!

Sneks said...


These envirosax look fun and responsible, if you're still looking for a good reusable bag!

I just use resuable bags that I got at Superfresh ... I think proceeds go to the Elizabeth Haub Foundation for environmental law and policy.

TrĂșc said...

I'm the owner of Pretty Green and I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for featuring our product on your blog :)