Saturday, April 19, 2008

Horray Horray!!

Three new things have happened with BPA.
1) Canada has banned all baby bottles containing BPA.
2) Wal-Mart has said they will stop selling baby bottles that contain BPA by 2009
3) Nalgene is recalling their water bottles and manufacturing new ones that do not contain BPA!

All without the freaking FDA telling them they had to. (Well I guess the FDA has no jurisdiction in Cananda, but you get the point) I'm super excited about this new development and I'm hoping it will lead to a cascade of changes. Because Wal-Mart is such a huge company I'm really hoping it will impact the bottle makers like Avent, Gerber, Evenflo, etc. Now if we can get Target Kmart and Baby's R Us to follow Wal-Marts example we'll be all set! Hooray for change.

Thanks to everyone for sending me links to the information. I know I only have a small handful of readers but to know you're hearing me and taking this information to heart really makes me happy. I'll try not to lead you to astray.

In other news: I ordered a new book "Growing up Green, Baby and Child Care." I'll let you know how it is.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to set the example...the power of one single step... adding to another's single help us "all" live a healthier life. We all start with "our" first step...

Amanda said...

I saw this over on Blogher. Great news! Playtex is on the bandwagon too, promising to have BPA-free bottles available by year's end.

AbbeM said...

I was actually about to send you the Canada data - I'm glad you found it! Also, I heard the news about Playtex - I'm very excited! I just purchased a set of BornFree bottles, and will let you know how they work out. I am using Medela bottles right now, which are all BPA free, and they seem to work very well.