Saturday, April 5, 2008

More on Furniture.

While at Barnes and Noble today I looked at "The Complete Organic Pregnancy", and found a small snippet on Ikea. I've been trying to find information out about Ikea's cribs since I started searching but couldn't seem to find anything on their website about what glues they used. In this book it states that Ikea refrains from using all formaldehyde based glues and thus the cribs and furniture are safe(er) for baby. If anyone can find this on their website I would appreciate it if you could let me know. What I did find was that they abide by the strictest chemical laws of whatever countries they sell furniture in and apply those laws to all their products regardless of what country it is ultimately sold in. Unfortunately I know nothing about international law, but I do know that California has started banning the use of formaldehyde in some products and Ikea has stores their. I would also guess that many European countries have tighter regulations than the US does. So there you have it... Ikea cribs are available for bargain prices and are probably formaldehyde free (solid wood plus formaldehyde free glue)... now if only they didn't make such silly looking changing tables!

UPDATE: I found this on another blog " while IKEA furniture is not completely free of formaldehyde, they are using the strictest standards that exist on the planet to limit its presence in their products. Not perfect perhaps, but a smart shopper can definitely avoid it completely if they want. I suppose if it can’t be avoided completely, the levels of formaldehyde are “safe” and can be further managed with indoor plants."

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