Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What it feels like to be me 29 wks pregnant

I almost titled this what it feels like to be 29wks pregnant but then I remembered that no two pregnancies are alike so with I feel like 29wks pregnant may not be a great representation of what others feel like. Once again, the short answer to "How are you feeling" is great. Aside from the fact that I've had a cold the last few days the pregnancy isn't too much trouble these days. However, 'Great' isn't the answer you are really looking for if you're reading this (if it is stop reading!), so I'll try to outline some of the symptoms I'm currently experiencing.
1) I'm retaining water like you wouldn't believe. Something like 75% of pregnant women will retain water during their 3rd trimester. I seem to be very very good at this. To the point where I came home from work and took my shoes off and Sean said "Oh my, whats wrong with your ankles?!?" He was truly concerned that something was wrong with me even though it did come across as a bit insensitive. My new trick is pressing on my ankle for a bit and then letting go and leaving a pretty indent that stays for about 3-4 mins. I'm supposed to try eating asparagus (yeah right!) and grapefruit which are natural diuretics to try to minimize the problem. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I've had to buy some new crocs (crocs Mary Jane and Crocs Malindi - Black) because none of my shoes fit.
2) While the pain in my tail bone isn't as bad as it has been previously, I am having more pain across the front of my pelvis. Apparently there is a piece of cartilage that is stretching at this stage of the game (in some women it actually snaps! Joy!). Mostly this hurts when I stand up after I've been sitting for a while. On a pain scale of 1-10 its like a 1.5 so its not really that bad, but I notice it.
3) My feet still hurt, but in a different way. Now it is the area just behind the ball of my foot that hurts, mostly when I first start walking. This is apparently very common in pregnant women. Again it's only about a 2 but it's there.
4) Lastly, the baby has started sitting 'on the bay window' as I like to call it. If that doesn't make sense to you the baby is positioning himself as far forward as he can go. In this position he is pretty far off my center of gravity which makes the weight distribution a little nutty. I really have to slow the pace if I'm walking when he does this because it is really awkward. Generally I have to reach down and 'pick up' my stomach to add a little extra support. Moving around is getting a little harder. My momentum is totally different so I'm known to bend over to get something and have to catch myself from toppling over. Or if I squat I sometimes fall over backwards from overcompensating for the belly. I'm no longer supposed to climb on anything higher than a foot off the ground.

I'm feeling the baby move all the time now, in fact teaching is becoming a little harder as I get kicked while talking and loose my train of thought. Luckily, I only have two more lectures to give and the rest is just exams and review. For the most part, this pregnancy has been pretty 'boring' which is obviously a very good thing. I haven't had anything to really complain about, but still I can't say that I 'love' it. I feel a little guilty about that but if I'm being honest it's the truth. I certainly don't hate it, but I do prefer 'me' not-pregnant.


Elaine and Brandon said...

I agree about grapefruit, but asparagus actually doesn't have much of a taste. From your previous blogs and from knowing you, I know some foods have a "stronger" taste to you than to others. I never thought I would eat asparagus because it looked like you would be eating a mini tree. It actually taste like a combination of broccoli and a green bean. When cooked, it can be a tad crunchy or if fried in light olive oil, it can be more on the mushy side. I guess I am not making it sound good, but it doesn't have a strong taste at all. Brandon and I eat it a few times a week.

Also---the shoes are very cute. How are you finding your students are with you being pregnant?

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

Asparagus cooked and cooled wrap in a thin sliced ham with cream cheese is the best, Aunt Paj turned me on to that. We cook ours in balsamic vinegar and I can actually get the kids to eat it. Look up proper cooking or steaming cuz it makes a difference!