Friday, May 30, 2008

33- Week Check Up

Ta-da! I only added another 2 lbs since my last visit three weeks ago! So I'm officially 46lbs heavier at 33 weeks. It was a big week though, the lower (read: big giant heavy) weight had to get moved over this time instead of just the little guy. Which of course means the little guy gets reset to lower numbers but still, its a big change for me, I've never seen that puppy get moved so far (fine! don't' feel bad for me!I get it.)

Everything is going well, my bp was 104/70 so its still a the low side but nothing to worry about. The baby's heart rate was 130, although she had to chase him around a little to get a stable reading. He was very active this morning. I swear he LOVEs to kick me in this one particular spot (the one on the movie) and it feels very raw in that spot now. I had felt like he had turned last week but I think hes back to his normal sideways position again. There is plenty of time for turning yet.

So I met the last doctor today and I really liked her alot, which is good because they told me my doctor is gone until the end of JUNE!! So who knows if I'll actually see her again. Oh well, between today's doctor and the other one I like I should be fine since they are the two that have taken over her appointments. There are two other doctors I don't like, but one (the one who told me to stop eating fruit) seems to be a temporary fill in because the other (the one who told me I would probably have trouble getting pregnant because of my weight(WRONG-O!))isn't there. So I guess I'll go over my 'birth plan' with everyone I see from now on just to be safe.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks for a strep B test (that means an internal exam! yippee!) and she said they would do titers (or did she say titrate) because of my penicillin allergy, but I believe that is a blood test, I have no idea what that actually means and didn't seem important at the time..I would guess it has something to do with checking to see how much or which antibiotic to give me to get rid of the strep B if I have it.

So I'll be 34 weeks on Monday which is when they would not make any attempt to stop a delivery if I went into labor. Prior to that they try to slow you down to give the baby steroids that promote lung development. Don't get too excited.. they don't say 'it could be anytime now' until after 36 weeks and even then its the MOST true after 38 wks (Something like 90% of births occur within 2 wks of the estimated date of delivery).


erica said...

Sounds like a positive visit! I am glad that you will not have to see the fruit doctor anymore. My blood pressure is always lower, too. They will probably do an antibody titer, from which they will determine your exposure to the strep, or whatever else they are interested in.

Kristeen said...

This is all becoming far too real for me now. To think that the next time I see you you'll have a son... Wow.