Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Bump 30wks

Wow, I can officially say 30 weeks feels a lot longer in real life than it does when you just think about how long 30 weeks should feel. I have been pregnant since October! Watching other people be pregnant feels a lot shorter than being pregnant yourself. 10 more weeks until show time. The birth dreams have started but so far they are easy, painless birth dreams so thats good at least.Two things have been said to me more frequently lately. 1) It looks like you have a basketball in your shirt. While that is true, the weight gain in other places is pretty significant, although I will admit it photographs better than it looks in real life. I saw my sister on Saturday, and you can always count on your sister to be brutally honest. The one thing she couldn't stop talking about was the size of my butt! Its pretty huge compared to what it once was, although I realize I'm not going to get a whole lot of sympathy. and 2) "That baby is LOW, you're going to have it soon huh?" To which I have to say, "no I'm not due until July it just seems lower because I have an abnormally long torso." To which they reply, "No you're just carrying low, which means you are going to have the baby early". Note to everyone who ever talks to a pregnant person. Don't say NO to me (I mean her)! I know what my body looked like before and I'm telling you, it just seems low because my boobs aren't resting on top of it. I have plenty of room left down below to 'drop'.
Oh and before I end, I want to reply to Elaine's comment from two weeks ago about my hair. I'm not growing it out on purpose, in fact, I actually cut it the weekend before the 28wk pic was taken, although I totally admit it didn't look much different before and after the cut. My intention was to loose length but he just cleaned it up and added more layers, which I proceed to straighten the crap out of so they lay flat. In this picture, for those who don't know me well, I just let it curl. No perm or anything like that, I just was being lazy this morning and didn't blow it dry. The warmer it gets the more often I let it curl (who wants to sit under a hot blow dryer?!? and its not going to freeze if I leave the house with it wet).
My doctors appointment isn't until Thursday this week so check back then for a health and weight update.


Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

I am thinking if the birth dreams where bad they would classified as nightmares! I don't know how people can tell if you are low or high, I think they are all crazy!

Elaine and Brandon said...

Your talk about your butt being "so big" is giving me pre-pregnancy nightmares. My back end is already big enough that from behind people could think I was carrying octuplets. Good thing I am going to a personal trainer now to reduce that to quadruplets. HA HA HA

I think you look FABULOUS and you seem to be feeling FABULOUS so that is all that matters.

I cannot believe it is already 30 weeks, it has gone by so fast (for me) anyway.

Becky said...

Arg! I'm giving you the evil eye for that last comment Elaine!! You sound like my husband. =) Can I just say, wow you people are fast, I havn't even had this up for an hour yet!

Elaine and Brandon said...

I am sure to you notice so many more changes than most people. I honestly think your body looks fabulous. I have had some friends who have gained weight all over and yours seems so centered and doesn't seem as much as the number of pounds sounds (if that makes sense).

I knew the 30 week bump would be coming and typically you post on Monday so I kept checking back. Now that you are close to being due (only 10 weeks left) will we be getting the pictures by week?

Kristy said...

People her A$$ is huge! Think Kim Kardashian!

Elaine and Brandon said...

on a total side is the new water bottle working out?