Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to: JetBlue!

As if I didn't love this company enough already, I got an e-mail from them today about "Jetting to go Green", their new initiative to be a little greener. Check it out at their website, and while you're there you can enter to win lots of cool prizes (which you have to share with me if you win because I told you about them).
Seriously, I wish every company was as environmentally conscious as JetBlue!!

Jeers at: Fisher Price.

Ugh am I tired of companies hiding behind the FDA and patting consumers on the head saying things like "Don't worry we test our products and they are safe according to the current standards." For some people the 'current standards' just aren't good enough and I would like more information. Furthermore, you just recalled products for lead paint in your toys, 'we test our products' doesn't fly anymore. If I 'the consumer' do not feel comfortable with your product because I fear the safety of a particular item that may or may not be in your product I won't buy it. If you 'the producer' want me to feel confident buying your products, please tell me what is in them. This 'no comment' stance to me equals "We load our products with cheap things like PVC and phalates that are probably going to harm your child but since there is no way to trace it back to us, we figure its best not to tell you about it, lest you actually decide to sue us when the evidence becomes clear that these products are harmful". Now my little 'David' blog isn't going to change a 'Goliath' like Fisher Price but if enough of us 'Davids' get together we have a chance of making an impact. As for my household, from this day forward we will be boycotting Fisher Price products (I just removed one product from my baby registry! HA!).

I just did a quick search for Fisher Price Boycott... I'm not the only one who doesn't like Fisher Price.

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