Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its not just me being crazy!!

Check out this video about how flame retardants are potentially harmful to humans. I wrote about this awhile ago when I discussed organic crib mattresses.

Want to do a little something about it?

A recent study conducted by the watchdog group, Friends of the Earth, found that 56% of infant carriers, 44% of car seats, and 40% of the strollers they tested had dangerous levels of toxic fire retardant chemicals. Graco (the maker of one of the safest car seats around) is considering removing these chemicals from their products.

Click here to put your name on a petition asking Graco and other manufacturers to not use any more halogenated fire retardants.

My infant is going to have to deal with a flame retardant filled car seat because right now I have no other options. Hopefully, we can get this problem solved in a timely fashion so I can get a car seat without these chemicals when he grows out of this one.


Elaine and Brandon said...

You seem to say on your blogs that you are not being crazy...do people tend to think you are because you are knowledgeable about these topics? Do you feel that people are intimidated by your knowledge and thirst for information and not accepting opinions, but rather research and facts?

Becky said...

People tend to fear change and are resistant to hear things that will cause them to change their behavior. Therefore it is easier for them to say "Oh you're just being crazy" and ignore my concerns about x,y or z than to actually think that what they are doing might impact their or their children's health. I hear a lot of "My parents did this and I'm fine". I get that more in person than in the blog comments.