Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Singing praises...

1) I want to update everyone on the Sigg bottles. I LOVE THEM! No metal taste at all, keeps the water pretty cold for a long time which is surprising since I'm not actually going out of my way to have cold water. This might sound funny, but I really like the feel of it on my lips. A normal water bottle has threads on the top for the cap and this one has the threads on the inside so you don't feel them and the metal is so smooth it is a very pleasant experience. =) They are a little pricey but I think its totally worth it.

2) I want to publicly praise Baby's R Us for making a real effort to carry more green options. Toys-R-Us also announced recently that it will start removing baby bottles that contain BPA from their shelves sometime next year. I just got a flier from them yesterday and from May 9 (I think)- 29th they are having a lot of good sales on baby products, including a lot of buy one get one half off on Gerber organics and other organic product deals. Opinions on 'big business' aside, having green products available at this level is so important, because green living should be an option for more than just the very wealthy. So GO Toys-R-Us/ Babys-R-Us! May 17th they are having a green product fair at most stores. Check it out if you can, I will be tied up that day so I probably won't make it, but I would love to hear about it.

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Kristy said...

I can't wait to get my pretty Sigg water bottle!!!