Monday, May 12, 2008

That's new!

The blueberry has now found my ribcage! He has been palpating the inside of my ribs for the last 20-30 mins! So far, I suppose due to my extremely long torso, he hasn't come into contact with my ribs much. Things must be getting a little more cramped in there (as if I'm not putting on enough weight)!

Over the last week or so the gentle kicks and nudges have turned a little nastier. I'm starting to have real fears that my child is going to be mean because of the way he has been clawing and kicking at me. Anyone want to weigh in on this? Please tell me this is an irrational fear!


Anonymous said...

It's Jen- Don't worry, he's just exercizing his muscles. It's his way of building muscle tone so that he is a little less floppy when he's born. He'll just be strong, not necessarily mean. The mean part depends on your parenting (no pressure!) ;) Katie and Will beat on each other all the time when they were in utero, but they're very sweet to each other now.

AbbeM said...

Natalie had this one spot on my right side that one of her knees or feet would always just PUSH into. I would have to exert gentle pressure back to get her to move enough to not cause me pain anymore. Then, the next day, the same thing. Must've been her favorite way of stretching! But since she's been born, she's been very sweet (even with the hair pulling!) :)