Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weighing in

Once again I'm meeting another new doctor, and although my next appointment would have been back with my normal doctor I guess she is on vacation so I won't see her until June. My official weight gain is now at 44lbs and obviously everyone is concerned about it. This seems crazy to me but now I'm supposed to cut back on fruit and increase protein. I guess the protein is supposed to help with the water retention and the fruit has a lot of calories. Here I was feeling guilty for not getting the recommended 5 servings a day and she wants me to just have 1! She kept looking for things in my diet that would be adding weight and there just isn't anything. I eat more in a sitting than I ever used (before pregnancy) to but I'm not snacking uncontrollably or anything like that. I've been so focused these past three weeks trying to be good about food and not eating ice cream and it didn't even make a difference. Boo to that! So I'm going to try not to worry about it too much. The baby's heart rate is perfect and I'm measuring normal still. My glucose test came back normal (I got an 87 for those who understand those things). She is quite concerned about the size of my ankles and suggested that I start wearing anti-edema stockings, joy of joys! Apparently it's very early for me to be retaining as much water as I am. I tried to explain that I think its okay because my sister had the same thing but that fell on deaf ears.

Next appointment in three weeks!


Kristeen said...

I can't get over the irony of this whole situation. You've consistently endured harassment your whole life about NOT being able to gain weight. Now, people are concerned that you're gaining too MUCH weight. Apparently, the junk you normally live on (aka the Cheetos, Twinkies, and chips that goes right everyone else's hips) doesn't effect you. But, the "diet" food that the rest of us increase to lose weight, goes right to your butt. I love it. Cut it out with the salads Becky, sheesh, you'll be a house soon! Oh, I love my Becky.

Elaine and Brandon said...

I never understand your scientific jargon, but I do understand the 87 and that is a GREAT number. Keep it up, well no, keep it down..ha ha ha ha.

44 lbs, honestly don't look it. I know your sister will comment that you do look it or something "sisterly," but you look fantastic. Is there still a pool going about your weight and the baby's weight. How much more weight does the doctor think you will gain based upon your statistics?

Are the nylon stockings supposed to be comfortable or are they like what older people wear that cut the circulation?

I think you are giving a lot of us a great crash course in what to expect when we are expecting.

Tiffiny said...

Poor Becky...I just feel so bad for you that they're giving you such a hard time. When they lecture you about your weight, do they even consider where you were starting from and what your BMI was?? Obviously not or they would understand that you NEED to put on the weight you are and are going to continue to put on because the baby needs you to. Tell them to back off!

Michelle :) said...

See, what the doctors are failing to tell everyone is that you're having a 40 pound baby. It's really that simple.


(Seriously though, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy)

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE there is not a shy pinkberry hiding behind her brother?? I agree with Tiffiny...tell the doctor to back off a little!

Kristy said...

Ugh eat what you want. I did wear those stockings and they didn't work. The only thing that worked was keeping my feet elevated.