Tuesday, June 3, 2008

34 week Baby Bump

I'm don't feel like the belly is really changing all that much these days. People keep telling me that I've "dropped" but it certainly doesn't look like it. In the early days it was "You're carrying very low" , now it's "that baby isn't waiting until July, you've already dropped." My attempt to convince them otherwise just leads to that look that says "Silly child, you don't know anything."

Since you are probably wondering, but are too polite to ask, I currently have no visible stretch marks on my stomach, although I really don't expect that will continue much longer. My rear-end is a whole different issue! That should give you some indication of how much growth has occurred in that region!!

I'm down to three days a week at school. I've had too many sleepless Thursday nights followed by awful Fridays, to continue to spend five days a week traveling. The worst part of the commute is that every set of stairs on my way into school (I think there are six sets) are UP. By the time I reach that last set I just want to take a nap.

6 weeks left. If you have any blog topics you would like to see me discuss feel free to let me know. I'm running out of ideas!


Green & Clean Mom said...

Aren't you brave to post a pic. of yourself preggo! Most moms I know avoid this. I think it's beautiful, personally. Hope you're feeling okay.

Becky said...

It seemed like such a good idea to track the progress when I was still tiny and pretending to have a bump.. Now that I just feel huge and uncomfortable, taking and posting pictures is less fun, but I can't just stop now!