Thursday, June 12, 2008

35 Week Check-up

I had another doctors appointment yesterday, I'm still not meeting with my primary OB but her substitute is doing a fine job (although she does seem a little overworked). I have only gained 2 lbs since the last visit. So I'm officially at 48 lbs heavier, I can't seem to break the 50lb mark! How am I going to make this a 75lb pregnancy now! =) If I continue at this rate I'll probably be at 53 lbs up by delivery.. I don't think anyone guessed that high in the weight pool! Sorry to disappoint, I guess that means I WIN! =) Right Mom?!?
Everything looked good, my blood pressure was normal, and the belly is measuring normal as well. I asked when they would start estimating the baby's weight and she said, not for a while yet. Since my measurements are right on they aren't worried that the baby is big so there is no need to check things out. I have started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions, but they say that is completely normal and nothing to worry about. They did the Strep B test and I'll find out the results of that next week. She checked my cervix and I'm 1cm dilated (which means absolutely nothing, so don't get excited that I'm going to deliver early, no one is saying that.) and the baby was head down but had no dropped. He is still actively moving around and wasn't head down earlier this morning, although he feels like he may have turned back that way now. I think he is putting on fat because his kicks haven't been nearly as painful in the last few days. Either that or he is getting so cramped in there he can't get enough momentum for it to be painful anymore. So all is well and we have no worries at this point.

The last piece of the nursery puzzle will arrive tomorrow so once that gets put together and I get all the laundry done and on the bed I'll take pictures and post them. I know I keep saying its almost done, but it really is almost done.

I also will be packing my hospital bag tonight so if you have any suggestions on what to pack I am happy to hear it.


Michelle :) said...

hospital bag do's: slippers, comfy socks, lanolin (unless you're allergic... it helps when BFing), a nursing bra or tank, your own shampoo/conditioner/soap, makeup (this made me feel like a person when I had visitors), a going home outfit for you and baby, a nail file (for baby)

hospital bag don't's: I didn't need by bathrobe because I never left my room, boppy (just use extra pillows), reading material (I slept whenever I didn't have visitors), playing cards, breast pump, any supplies for baby (they will supply most everything there)

You can also pack relaxation music for the delivery room, but some places require you to have something to play it on - others have a room CD player. I didn't use mine. Some people also bring a focal point for contractions... I just closed my eyes. I'll write more if I think of anything :)

Elaine and Brandon said...

Honestly, you do not look like you gained almost 50 lbs. You truly look wonderful.

As for a hospital bag, I think one thing may be phone numbers (if they are not in your phone charger) and also your phone charger. Also, your digital camera with charged batteries (or battery charger).

I think a blog after you come from with Mr. Blueberry will be great to know what you felt you didn't need/did need to pack.