Tuesday, June 17, 2008

36 Week Check-Up

I know I'm late with the picture, I took it I just didn't have the energy to upload it last night and I forgot to bring it with me to do it today. So you'll have to wait until tonight for the picture.

My doctors appointment was fairly exciting this morning. First off I'm up 4lbs from last week (oops!). So I have now gained 52 lbs! No one said anything about it so maybe she didn't notice! I'm not worried about it. My blood pressure and belly measurements are normal. Today while she was taking the measurement she said, 'Oh look you're having a contraction!' and I said 'No I'm not, that's just the baby moving forward' to which she replied..'Uh, no that's definitely a contraction'. So I tell her that that happens all the time, at least 20 times a day, I thought it was just the baby moving, it certainly doesn't hurt! Her response was ' Okay, maybe I should just check your cervix.' Well there was nothing any different about my cervix but she did make me nervous. I've been feeling this for a while now, it isn't like its a new thing so I don't want to over-react and think this means I'm going to be going into labor today (or even next week!). But sheesh if that's a contraction, this labor thing is going to be no problem (ha ha ha I'm so funny).
Sean had joined me at this appointment because I brought our birth plan to go over and I think the whole thing made him a little nervous too.
So I did find out that our doctors don't do episotomies unless they really suspect massive tearing, so that was good. Although she seems put off by our desire to have the cord stop beating before its cut, so I'm going to look into that a little more to see if I can find what she was talking about. She said that because the baby is placed on my stomach, the blood could flow backwards just because of gravity back to the placenta, so its better to clamp it off to make sure that doesn't happen. I'll let you know what I find out.
So that was my exciting trip to the doctor. She said to call her when my contractions actually become painful and are 3-5 mins apart.

Coming soon: I've been reading The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library) by Dr Sears. So far I LOVE it and recommend it to anyone who is worried about vaccinating your child. I'll go into more about this book in a subsequent post.

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There is a full moon tonight... you might just go early!