Tuesday, June 24, 2008

37- Week Check-Up

I had an appointment with my least favorite doctor today and of course it went less than ideally. Mostly just because it was at a different office that is a little too 'upper east side' for me so I wasn't really all that comfortable in my "I'm 37 weeks pregnant and my clothes don't fit" outfit. I had to wait 45 mins for my appointment which lasted all of 10 mins. Ugh, and I didn't sleep last night so I'm cranky, OKAY?!? Nothing really new to report, my strep B test came back negative, my blood pressure is 'good', the belly measures 'normal' and I'm still 1cm dilated. Oh and I gained another pound bring the grand total up to 54lbs.

The good news?!? I have an appointment with my REAL doctor next Wednesday!! Finally!

I thought I would take a picture this week but it didn't happen yesterday because poor Sean had a really bad day at work and didn't get home until after I was already in bed (not that I was sleeping). I don't think I'll be taking any pictures today (because I'm cranky remember!) so I guess we'll just do another one at 38 weeks.