Monday, June 30, 2008

And now we wait...

Tomorrow is July 1st and officially the day I've been waiting for. My mothers side of the family is pretty small but there are 5 birthdays in June, so I really wanted to get this kid to July so he could have his own month (and his own birthstone!) So as of tomorrow I'm officially 'ready' to give birth, although to be honest I wouldn't have minded THAT much if he decided to come early. The problem is while I'm ready, I'm still two weeks away from my due date and so it could be quite a while yet.

I promise to tell everyone ASAP, I have no idea if the hospital with have Internet service or not, but I'm sure we'll be able to get the word out.

So, how does it feel to be me 38 weeks pregnant? Yucky! I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable, I'm starting to become impatient and I'm fighting off irritable as I am able to get less and less sleep. My attention span is minimal (even as I've typed this I've read another blog, and I've looked into baby announcement pricing) and while I get a little bored with life around the house I'm more and more nervous to leave by myself. Today I am going to head to the mall for a quick shopping trip. After packing my bags for the hospital I realized that I'm missing a few important things so I have to make a trip. I really don't want to go alone, but my friends have real jobs (or are out of town) and parking is so miserable at night I don't want to wait for Sean to get home to go. Plus if I wait any longer I might just have to do without!! I have the idea in my head that my body will give me some type of warning that labor is approaching. Since I have no such feeling right now I feel a little bit better about going out.

Don't worry I'm not really going that far, and I'll be bringing my cell phone and navigation system so I can find any hospital on long island if I get the urge to push.

Oh and yes, I will take a picture tonight just as soon as Sean gets home from work. Honestly, I would rather not because I feel like the marshmallow man (even my lips are swollen!) but for posterity sake, and for comparison afterwards I'll do it. My thinking is that if I look really bad now, people will think I look GREAT after giving birth! I'm a nut job!


Elaine and Brandon said...

I totally understand your theory of wanting "blueberry" to have his own month. I told Brandon I would be a tad sad if my child (future) would have a birthday in May/June. With his family it is just way too clogged. We have 2 mother's days, 2 father's day, his dad's birthday, his mother's birthday, his grandmother's birthday, his birthday, his sister's birthday, our anniversary, and his parents anniversary. Therefore, if I have to put a cork in it, I will!!! I would love any other month, but I think that those two months are so busy that we don't need another birthday.

Kristy said...

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Almost there becky! So excited for you both! ~ Kimmy