Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cheers and Jeers- EPA

This is a unique Cheers and Jeers because I'm Cheering and Jerring the same thing. The EPA! Why? The EPA will being to conduct an investigation into the amount of formaldehyde in homes, schools and offices as well as investigate the toxic effects of formaldehyde at different levels. Yippe! Finally something is being done about this issue, I am super excited about that. However, in the meantime (since this investigation is likely to take YEARS although they 'expect' to issue findings in the fall) they should be implementing standards that would protect people in the event their findings come back dangerous (which they will). California law has already provided an example of regulations that are in place to make people more aware of the three most likely sources of in home formaldehyde (through the use of stickers on products I think), but the EPA rejected this plan. So thanks for looking into it EPA, but HURRY UP and do something about it will ya?

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