Monday, June 23, 2008

The Name Game

With only three weeks left until D-day I'm getting more and more nervous about the baby's name. We really don't have a name, our top three are still:
Jack (maybe Jackson, maybe John or maybe just Jack)
But I'm not really leaning toward any one in particular.. I'm really hoping something will just fit when we see him but so far nothing seems quite right. I'm not sure if that means I haven't found the perfect name or if I still just can't wrap my head around this whole baby thing.
Here are some thing things I consider when trying to pick a name.
1) Does it transition well from toddler to adult... I basically put the name in wedding vows (Do you______ take...) and if all I see is a toddler in a tux then I discard the name.. for example the name Parker does this to me. I can't picture an adult Parker even though I really like the name.
2) How well does it fit with our last name? Berry is really a hard name to match..
3) How does it sound when you list all our names. Sean, Becky and _________.
4) I'm pretty sure if and when we have a girl her name will either be Tess (short for Teresa/Theresa) or Meg (short for Margaret) so I play with those names tacked onto the end of the name list too. I also have avoided names that might rhyme with these (e.g. Wesley/ Wes although Sean said no so it doesn't matter anyway).


Michelle :) said...

I agree with the "toddler in a tux" analogy. It has to be able to grow up with the kid, but not be too big for him to fit into right now. We went into delivery with 8 or so names, and chose one that we hadn't talked about for more than a week before his birth. Weird - yes. But does it fit him? Yes :) You'll know - and I think you have a couple days to make it official anyhow.

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

So, names are always crazy! Travis and I didn't seem to have a problem picking them out, well it is getting a little harder. I always like the ability to shorten when you can. Like you were saying with Tess, with Breelyn she has always gone back and forth from Bree to Breelyn. Boys are always a little harder. I use to teach pre-school and so names stick with me, we had a little boy Herman and he was crazy so even before I wouldn't have picked Herman but for sure after having him no way! Boy named Luke and all I could think of was "Luke, I am your Father" so, here is my list of non-B names-
Preston- not to much bad rhymes with it
Christian- Chris?
Jackson- we have friends that call their son Jake
Peyton- this is now going both ways(b/g)
Garrison- wouldn't like Gary though
Dillon- like the spelling difference
also check with popularity, do you want him to have to use his last intial all through school.
Jackson B
Grayson B
Hope it helps! Have fun with it though.

Becky said...

yeah the popularity thing is a big deal. Ethan is very popular right now so regardless of the fact that I love that name I won't use it. Jack, Colin and Grayson are not on the top ten lists at the moment so hopefully it won't be too crazy in kindergarten but you can't really predict.

Kristeen said...

If you decide on Colin, I'm SO naming my kid that (Boy OR Girl) just to spite you. :)

erica said...

I like Colin... and I call Margaret right now. Its mine. Jackson I also like... but every time I put Berry with a name I hear "Bear". I think it is because I am picturing a baby, because I never thought of Sean as "Sean Bear" (eee).
Anyway it shouldn't be a problem as long as you aren't considering names like yogi, pooh, smokey, or teddy.

Becky said...

Seriously, you don't get to 'call a name' it is totally first come first serve, and even then I have absoluetly no problem having my children share a name with any of my friends children. Kids love it when that stuff happens. Erica, we'll just have to see who gets to a little girl first and Kristeen feel free to name anyone you want Colin regardless of if I use it or not. The things aren't copywrited!! Although I know a certain someone who might make fun of us, but when did that stop us from being matchy matchy poo poo. Its actually kind of unfortunatel she/they would probably never know. ;-)

AbbeM said...

I like Jack a lot. I liked "Joe" too, when we didn't know the sex yet. Something short, sweet, but strong too, for a boy.

erica said...

There are lots of variations on Margaret... so ... ok. ;-)
BTW- there is a little boy next door named Jackson (~18mo) and he is a huge red sox fan. I just thought I should throw that out there.