Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Nursery!

Finally the long awaited photos of the nursery!! I felt like we would never finish, and in all honesty we really aren't but the baby parts of the room are all done so therefore it is done. What do I mean the baby parts?? Well after much debate we have decided to keep the twin bed in the nursery. To move it out means we throw it away, and that just seems short-sighted because in a few years we might need a twin bed to put a toddler in. (Plus it does give us one more option for guests.) The not done-ness is that I haven't found the perfect bed covering for that bed to match the baby stuff (which means I haven't picked out curtains either) so we are making due for the moment. So without further ado, here is the nursery:

The view from the doorway. The valence isn't really made for a double window, but we are making it work.

Looking back at the crib.

More of the crib, so you can see all the cute animals on the 'quilt'.

Our innovative changing table, the only one that would fit with the bed along that wall.. You can see its a bit of a tight squeeze, I fit okay and I'm pregnant so I think it'll be fine. As you can see Sadie has found a new favorite spot (fine with me, she isn't in the crib or bassinet!)

One of my favorite features! The light fixture!

The opposite wall. The bassinet will move around so this isn't a permanent home. It just fits here for now.

So that's it. I have a question for my readers but I don't know how well you can answer it. The wall decals don't look as busy in person as they seem to in the pictures. I originally only wanted to put them around the crib but I had a lot so I put some by the changing table too, but now I'm worried the other half of the room looks lonely. However, if I buy more I think I'll make it look REALLY REALLY busy in there. They are basically static clings so they go on and off pretty easily (although I did accidentally rip the giraffes antlers!) So I'll take suggestions on what you think about the decals, but like I said the pictures make them look more overpowering than they really do in person.. I think they are just adorable.


Kristy said...

Looks great! Very peaceful yet playful!

Score on not having to re-paint!

Now I can't wait to see the 3-D sonogram!

Amy said...

hey you! I think the nursery looks so adorable. Nice job!

Tiffiny said...

Suggestions for the other wall: if you would like to keep with the animal theme, you could frame a few animal pictures. I saw a really cool suggestion on a TLC show the other day where you can just buy an art book, rip out the pictures you like, and frame them to save money. If you want to go in a different direction, you can always put up pictures of you and sean. Or, lastly, you can buy wood letters of the name-soon-to-be-released baby, paint them cute colors, and hang those on the wall. Be sure to let us know what you decide!

Erica said...

Everything is very cute! I agree that getting something up on that other wall will make it nice and balanced. Maybe some family photos in larger frames, but matted with some polka-dot paper to match your theme. You could use any scrapbook paper you want.

Michelle :) said...

I agree about the wooden letters spelling the baby's name. That's something really cute and easy to do. You can always paint them in the same color scheme as the decals so they'll match. Very cute nursery! :)

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

I have both up of the suggested. We have Braden's name on a wall and I have five different size frames of pictures of just Braden. The pictures are actually black and white and I switch them at his birthday. it's fun and I love looking back at the previous year. Thanks for the name help! Let me know if you want my two cents for you, I am limited to the B's so lots of favorites I can't use! Enjoy the little time you have left, can't wait to see pictures!