Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank you one and all!!

I have now had two very successful baby showers, one thrown by my parents, sister and grandparents, and the other throw by my in-laws. I am overwhelmed by extreme generosity of all our friends and family. The baby's room is rapidly approaching 'ready' and is now filled with gifts from both showers. There are only a few things left that we need to purchase, and thanks to the gift cards we received we won't have to pay out of pocket for any of those last few things. Thank you to everyone for coming and for your generosity. Your creativity and attempts to follow along with my plans for a greener baby touched me in ways I can't even express. From wrapping gifts in green packaging, to purchasing organic products every little bit is appreciated. We appreciate ALL our gifts whatever shade of green they are. We believe in going green when possible but have not gone so completely organic to the point that non-organic clothing and products won't be used. We make the switch to organic whenever it is possible or realistic but aren't going completely and 100% organic. Unfortunately, that just isn't possible right now. We do what we can, to save the earth and keep baby safe.

Thanks again for everything!

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