Thursday, July 31, 2008

So in love..

We are just so enamored with this little guy.. More pics to come but I wanted to share this one before I went to bed. Normally I don't share pics of myself sans make-up but this is justified.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Feature

As a new feature of the blog I am going to start a series called "Things no one told me" I have learned quite a few new things over the last week that I really wish I had been told about before they happened, some of which border on 'too much information' but since I wish someone had told me, I'll go ahead and be the one to open these topics up for conversation. Should be interesting...

In other news, according to the scale in the pediatricians exam room I lost 30lbs in a week (it doesn't seem possible but I had Sean check it to make sure). HA! Take that crazy doctors who scolded me about my weight gain. (There is a chance, of course, the calibration of this scale is off considering it is used to weigh small children, but it has to be close right?!) I still have quite the 'baby pouch' but hopefully in a few more weeks that will be under control. I still can't fit into my wedding ring or most of my old shoes, I'm not giving up yet but there is a chance those changes might be permanent. I am back to having chicken legs... bummer!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"How's it going?"

Wow, it has been a fast week and for the most part it has been a good one. There are highs and lows obviously, but Sean and I are really learning fast how to take care of our new bundle of joy. The first night home was pretty awful because we had no idea how to soothe Colin except for nursing, which we basically did all night long, probably getting an hour and a half of sleep total. While I was pregnant I read the book "The happiest baby on the block" and in it the author (Dr. Karp) goes through five "S's" for soothing a baby. For some reason we were both thinking that Colin was too little for the five S's on day 1 so we didn't think to try it. But on Day 2 Sean went back to the book and starting trying the tricks on Colin... and low and behold they worked. We now had a way of soothing him that didn't require nursing constantly. Now we have a pretty happy baby who doesn't really cry all that much (unless you're trying to change his clothes) but who is unable to stay awake during feedings. He sleeps really well at night but because his weight is still under birth weight (we are up to 8lbs 12 ounces) the pediatrician wants us to have feedings spaced no more than three hours apart ( and that time is measured from start to start!) Since Colin is being woken up to eat he generally falls into a sleepy state mid meal and therefore the feeds go on really long trying to wake him back up. So by the time he has eaten 'enough' (a concept I'm still not sure of) its been over an hour, we get him back to sleep and its up-py time again 2 hrs later. I think where we have been making a mistake is that we let him stay awake too much during the day... thinking he is just happy and alert he doesn't need to sleep... well this has seemed to create an overtired baby all the time. Since he isn't fussy we didn't soothe him, then by the time he falls asleep on his own, we are waking him back up again! Its a slippery slope. So now we are applying the 5 "S's" to our awake and alert baby to help him fall asleep faster so we can try to catch up on his sleep so he can be more awake to eat a proper meal. Hopefully it will work. We are supposed to go back to the pediatricians on Tuesday for another weigh check and after that if he is back at birth weight we can let him sleep apparently.

Some pics for your enjoyment.

Me with my favorite little boy. An aerial shot because the side shot made me look exposed.
This shot was supposed to be Colin chewing on Sean's nose but I missed it.. I thought it was still cute.
Baby Colin asleep on the bobby on my lap... sometimes it is easier to let him sleep where he is than move him to the bassinet and have him wake up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pics of Colin

Meet My Little Man!
His little Cherub Face. He is just the sweetest thing around.

The reality of parents newly home from the hospital.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Birth Story of Colin

Okay I have a few minutes for a post, before I'm required for another feeding so I'm hoping to get through the story of Colin's birth for everyone. I have so much to I want to write about (it is amazing how much you learn in 48hours with a newborn infant) but for now we will start with that. (There won't be time to proof-read so excuse the errors that I'm sure will be a plenty in my current mental state)

Sean and I called a cab and went to the hospital at 7:00pm on 7/16/08. We were admitted to labor and delivery and set up with the pitocin drip at 9:00pm. We were started on a very low dose and increased 1 unit (3cc's I think) every half hour until my contractions became regular. We labored over night, attempting to sleep whenever possible but obviously we were excited, nervous and I was having contractions so sleeping wasn't easy. Because of the pitocin drip I was restricted to the bed only which was not part of my 'pain management' plan but hey, you gotta roll with it. My contractions certainly looked pretty severe on the graph program, because they were almost all off the charts but I wasn't in any real pain until much later. My nurse Mimi kept coming in and asking if I was sure I wasn't ready for an epidural, it got annoying, but she exclaimed later that she just couldn't believe I wasn't in pain from the way they looked on the chart. From our room we could watch everyone in labor and delivery's contractions and none of them were even close to the height of mine, but I'm really not sure what that axis even measured so it may not mean anything. They stopped increasing pit. at around 1am (I think) I didn't really dilate very well overnight and was still only 3-4cm at 9am so at this point they broke my water and I almost instantly dilated to 5cm. It was at this point that the contractions started to become really intense and were less than one minute apart. It wasn't much longer that I was ready for my epidural thank you very much. Probably around 10:30, they made Sean leave the room at this point because it was a sterile procedure so I let loose on the nurses hand and she voiced some serious complaints about my squeezing (ha! that's what happens when you take my husband away!). It was about three contractions worth of attempting to not move while they placed the epidural and that was a really tortured three minutes.
If my next labor is the same way, knowing what I know now I would get the epidural about a half hour earlier. I have ZERO regrets about this decision. I know I didn't want one and I had hoped to do things more natural, (and believe me I have SO much respect for anyone who can go without) but it would NEVER have been possible for me to endure this labor without pain management.
Okay back to the birth... So after the epi was in they checked my cervix and I was still only 6cm dilated but and I was in much less pain, so we relaxed for a few hours and I think I even got a chance to sleep for about an hour. (side note. My mom suggested I get a mani and pedi on wed before going to the hospital (I brought low toxin nail polish of course) and I'm so glad I did because the epi made me very itchy and if I had left my nails alone I would have torn my skin to bits! just fyi in case you find yourself in a similar position.) The anesthesiologist checked my reflexes and decided I was hyper-reflexive and probably pre-eclamptic and started telling everyone to start me on magnesium. My blood pressure was slightly elevated for me (130's/90's) but I didn't really think it was that high, um hello people you've just pumped me full of fluids but I don't have an MD, so I didn't get to make that decision. They checked my urine, no protein, but my blood work came back with low (?) platelets so they decided to start the mag (total bummer because its NASTY stuff). The epi brought my b.p. down a little as well. At 3:00 the doctor decided we should start pushing, but after about 5 mins she decided he should descend a little further so we stoped and waited about 30 mins but I was told to bear down slightly during contractions but not to wear myself out. At 3:30 she came back and began the long process of active labor. I was woefully under prepared for just how long and involved the pushing process was. Everyone kept saying I was doing a good job and they could see the head but I had no idea that moving the baby 1-2 inches would take SO LONG and be SO DIFFICULT. They had allowed the epi to wear off a bit so that I would be able to feel the contractions more and feel the pushing. At 6:30ish Dr. Gade said things weren't going well, the baby wasn't presenting in a good position to get him out, with every push his head would come out but his skull was getting stuck and he was becoming more and more cone headed. She said we would give two more good pushes but any more than that would be dangerous and she was going to deliver by Cesarean. Well I of course was none to pleased with this, we had been rolling me around to help move the baby into position so with that last roll onto my back from my right side and with my sheer determination to complete the process with the next push everyone started moving around like crazy, putting on more gowns or whatever they do. (If I had known I was waiting for the 'wardrobe change' to indicate I was close I would have gotten a LOT more frustrated during the pushing process.) So on the next contraction out popped his head and out came the scissors for my episiotomy (2nd degree), THAT was hard to see for sure, but Sean did a GREAT job refocusing me to continue pushing. After his head his shoulders took one more contraction and with a big flop out popped a nearly 9lb baby. Earlier in the day they predicted a 6-7lb baby, so when this guy came out all four people (the dr, a resident, the nurse, and an intern) exclaimed about his size at the same time. Well no wonder it took so long!!
Sean cut the chord, and Colin was checked out and given to me to oogle while they finished stitching me up. It wasn't much longer before Sean's fathers family and mother were allowed to come into the L&D which was in a pretty scary state. I think the placenta was still out on the table, there was blood and gore on the floor and I looked pretty terrible. I'm pretty sure Sean's sister Katie was a bit traumatized by all of it from the look on her face and they way she practically ran from the room, poor thing!
From there we went into the recovery room for 12 hours after the mag was started for monitoring. They brought me Colin every three hours to feed and I cherished his little visits so so much. Sean was not supposed to be allowed to stay but no one kicked him out, so he was literally in a chair next to my stretcher and 'slept' with this head on the bars all night. They finally moved me up to the maternity floor around 10:30 on Saturday morning. Magnesium makes your muscles floppy so I was on a stretcher, the stretcher made it impossible for me to fit into a semi-private room so we got a free private room, complete with a pull out chair bed for Sean. IT WAS GREAT!!

Okay that's all for now. I'm forgetting things but I think you get the long and short of it. Off to feed the baby!! Next time I get a chance I'll put up some more pics, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Colin comes home

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I'm so slow to post. Things are going to be pretty busy around here. I'm already being yelled at that I should be sleeping not blogging but I wanted to jump and and tell everyone I'm alive, we are both healthy and I'm healing nicely after a very long labor and 3+ hours of hard pushing. I got him out without a c-section but it was close and the poor little guy had a bit of a cone head the first 48 hours or so. I'm not being allowed to upload pics, hoprfully my sister will post some soon as she was here yesterday, you can check out her blog through the link I have below (Sisty is my sister Kristy if you didn't put that together).

We so appreciate all the love and support you've been sending via e-mail and text. I promise as soon as I get more than 2 hours of sleep at night I'll be on, but right now we have a demanding little eater who refuses to leave my side for more than 1 hour at a time. It's nice to be so loved, exhausting but nice.

While we are tired, we couldn't be any more in love with this little guy. We are so happy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

40-Week Baby Bump

Here it is, the official last picture of the bump!! We are less than and hour and a half from leaving the house to go to the hospital. I'm not exactly sure what will happen but there is a good chance I won't even have the pitocin started until tomorrow depending on how 'ripe' they decide my cervix is. I promise I will make every attempt to keep everyone informed in a timely manner, but please understand we will not be accepting phone calls or answering text messages while I'm in labor. =) Thanks for all the love and support, I can certainly feel it I'm not nervous in the least.
P.S. I'm not as tired as I look I promise. =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oopps I forgot..

Sorry Elaine.. I gained another two lbs this week. So the official number is 59gained. HA beat that people! I'm so good at this game, its called Becky WINS!

And I had planned on taking a picture last night but didn't remember until I was already in bed and there was no way I was going to get dressed again so I'll try to do it tonight or tomorrow. I do intend to have one more picture before the big day. Since it doesn't really feel like its going to be today I think tomorrow is our big day (although technically it will probably be Thursday).

Thursday is also a special day for someone else I know. One of my favorite kids turns 8 on Thursday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!! I'm having a baby for your birthday, but unfortunately you can't keep him, so I'll just get you something else. =)

Oh and I guess the widget is counting up now.. we were really holding out on the delivery just to see what happened to it. HA!

Monday, July 14, 2008

40- Week Check Up

Yep.. I'm 40 weeks today, and the little blueberry seems to have no intention of coming out. All the typical measurements are normal, the differences this week are that I am 2-3cm dilated and I have 'officially' dropped, according to my observation of the contractions being felt lower and the doctors measurement of the belly. I did ask today if there were any concerns about him being to big or me being too little and she said there was no (100% safe) way to know if he would 'fit' until we try to get him out (a cervical x-ray would tell us but they do those anymore).
So... whats the plan?? He has until 7pm on Wednesday night to choose to make an appearance on his own. If not, we go to the hospital and have labor 'augmented' since I'm already dilated and the cervix is soft and ripe I'm technically not being 'induced'. It is really a silly distinction since both occur when you aren't in active labor and in order to get contractions going they give you pitocin. So my plans for a 'natural' delivery are pretty much shot at this point, but who knows maybe he will come in the next couple days on his own.

So the deal is I check it at 7pm on Wednesday, they get me going and the baby will be born at some point on Thursday. Since labor and delivery is likely to take a very long time (particularly because its pitocin) we don't expect to be ready for visitors until around dinner time on Thursday. We will confirm that all is well for visits with our parents so you can check with them if you are interested in coming. If you need the hospital address just let me know, visiting hours go from 11am-8pm.

Wish me luck, I'll pop on with details as soon as it is feasible.

Friday, July 11, 2008

No (more) Gifts Please!

I just wanted to write a quick post as a few people have asked me what we need for the baby in anticipation of the baby being born and wanting to give him gifts. In all honesty, we have absolutely everything we could possibly need for our new bundle of joy and THEN some. Remember, my sister had a little boy just one year ago so we inherited quite a bit from them. I am not exaggerating when I tell you we have 48 onesies size 0-3 months. While the thought is appreciated, we have a small apartment and thus we are already packed to the gills with as much baby necessities as we can handle.

Now I understand that some people will have already made their purchases in anticipation of the event and we will obviously appreciate anything you've gotten, but if you have not purchased a gift please understand that we really do not need anything else, you presence is present enough!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

39 Week Check Up

Well today was another eventful visit. Everything is still normal (blood pressure, measurement, baby's heart rate), I gained another 2 lbs bringing the grand total to 57lbs up. I'm still only 2 cm dilated so all the contractions I'm having a just for show and aren't actually accomplishing anything (bummer!). Dr. Gade offered to actually induce me tomorrow if I wanted, and while I admit I considered it for a moment, we all eventually decided I wasn't ready (mentally) for that and we will wait and see what happens. While I wouldn't fault any woman at 39 weeks for going ahead and getting it over with, the increased chance of needing an epidural as well as a c-section due to the unnatural progression of labor are enough for me to take my chances with the real thing. That being said, if I still haven't gone naturally by next Wednesday they will induce me then and I won't hesitate to go along with it. So at the most I have another week left, and I can handle that, although I would really like to get this moving (on its own) by the weekend if at all possible. So we are really in the 'any day now or else' part of the game. Sean thinks the baby is just going to take after us and be punctual, coming exactly on time, not early or late. We'll see.

In other news, I think Grayson is officially OFF the list of names and has been temporarily replaced by Aaron, although it is at this point, very much a 3rd choice in the event the first two just don't work with his little face at all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

39 Week Baby Bump

Oh please oh please let this be the last pregnant picture!! I'm seriously starting to look like the stay-puff marshmallow man. mmmMmmm marshmallows. I have my next drs appointment tomorrow afternoon so look for an update afterwards to see if I've made any progress over the last week.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Prego- its STILL in there!

We finally had to get out of the house this weekend and lucidly people were having tons of holiday weekend bbq's so we went to Sean's co-workers parents house on Saturday night and and old high school friend of Sean's had a bbq on Sunday. I'm still having contractions but they are occurring only once or twice an hour. Sean has been saying the baby would be born on 7/9/08 for a while yet, and I'm thinking it won't be until at least Thursday 7/10/08 so the red alert is off for now. Nothing is happening anytime soon.

Oh and thanks for the advice guys, but I'm getting the impression that if the baby isn't ready, nothing will speed it up because nothing is working. I haven't tried drinking Castor oil yet, but honestly it just doesn't sound like a good time to me so I'll pass on that trick.

People keep asking me if I'm nervous and mostly they are referring to delivering the baby. The answer is no, I'm not nervous about having the baby, but I am nervous about actually having (as in bringing it home) a baby. The labor part I have instructions and coaches, nurses and doctors all ready to assist! Once we get the baby home we are on our own for the majority of the time.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


The best word to describe the mood in our apartment this weekend is listless. Nothing we can really do, but certainly there is one thing we would like to be doing and that's having a baby already. We've been tracking contractions for what feels like days and while at times they get as close as 5 mins, they keep petering out. It is quite frustrating actually because we feel like we are making progress and then blah, nothing happens. So while this morning I was feeling like today would be the day, now I don't think so.. how much teasing can I take?


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

38 Week Check Up

Well today I got to see Dr Gade again! Hooray! I had forgotten how much I liked her. So we had a nice chat! My weight is now up 55lbs and no one is complaining (I was nervous it would be a big week since I've eaten an entire ice cream cake over the last week!) I'm still measuring normally and my blood pressure and the baby's heart rate is normal. The doppler thing was getting an echo when she did the baby's heart rate and I guess I was looking at her funny because she said, no don't worry that is just your heart being picked up there is only one baby. So I'm REALLY not having twins. She checked my cervix and I was still only 1cm so she asked if I wanted her to massage the cervix to help stimulate it to open. I of course said YES PLEASE! She said 'Okay but it will probably be painful so let me know when you've had enough'. It didn't hurt at all and when I said so she was really surprised. She massaged me to 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, woo hoo! We discussed all the contractions I've been having and she said I shouldn't wait for them to become painful because my pain tolerance is clearly pretty high so I might wait too long if I'm waiting for pain. Instead I have to actually pay attention to when they become regular. (More work for me!) We discussed my chances and the procedure for July 4th. She said she really doesn't think I'll go Friday but that I 'could' go this weekend. She also said that its best NOT to call an ambulance because they won't take me to Beth Israel, they will just take me to the closest hospital. She gave Sean the job of finding the best route into the city on that day and said we should just get in the car and drive in as soon as the contractions are regular. I figure if we're in the car and it becomes urgent I can call for a police escort or something. She also said she wouldn't let me go to far past my due date but that we would discuss it next week if I was still around so that is encouraging.

I think that's everything... So it could be as early as this weekend.. WEE HOO to that!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Bump 38 Weeks

So here we are at 38 weeks! Could be as soon as tomorrow or another 4 weeks!! I would prefer the former obviously but I don't get to choose. The doctors aren't saying anything about me going early and I have no idea how big the baby is at this point. They probably won't do another ultrasound unless I pass my due date.

I go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll let you know if anything special happens.