Monday, August 18, 2008

Colin turned 1 month old yesterday!

Happy 1 month old birthday Colin! This last week we started getting more and more social smiles, I keep trying to catch them on the camera them but I haven't quite captured his full smile in focus yet, but this is at least the end of the smile. We celebrated Colin's big day by going to the beer garden with friends who are staying with us, and before you call CPS, it isn't as 'bar-ish' as it might sound. It is actually a big open area with tons of picnic tables that serves BBQ type foods and Belgian beers. We were a little nervous about being allowed to bring the baby but it turns out their were TONS of babies as well as some older tots. It is actually a great place to eat out with a baby because it is loud enough that a screaming baby doesn't turn heads. Not that Colin screamed, he was a perfect little gem!
Colin celebrated by sleeping 4.5 hours in a row overnight, followed by another 2.75! It was fantastic! That is the longest I've slept consecutively since I was about 6 months pregnant.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Things no one told me - Part Three

I might be wrong in saying that 'no one told me' this, but I certainly didn't attend to the information if it was offered. Maybe it is one of those things you hear and think 'oh that won't be me' but I am hear to tell you, there is a reason breastfeeding helps you take off the pregnancy weight! It is work! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I feed Colin no less than 8 hours a day total. When they tell you to feed a newborn every 2-3 hours, that means start time to start time. Colin is a bit of a lazy eater so he will go 20 mins on a side before I have to remove him and then offer the other side. So that means I feed him for about an hour (when you count burping time and a diaper change in between sides) and then try to put him down to sleep (he doesn't fall asleep on his own very well yet) which leaves me about 40 mins before I have to start all over again. That isn't really that much time to get something to eat, use the facilities or 'nap'! Seriously I don't know how people have more than one child! Maybe it is just because I'm new at this but I am totally 'stuck' while breastfeeding. I can barely lean over to grab my water off the coffee table, let alone get up to answer the phone. How does one attend to a 2nd child (or more) while breastfeeding an infant?!?

I used to think that with all the research saying how much better breastfeeding is, why would anyone NOT breastfeed. Well yeah, I get it now, they don't tell you how much work it really is! And until pumping starts, its all on 'Mom'.

By Popular Demand...

Lets have a little Q&A! This is your opportunity (Elaine =) to ask whatever burning questions you have about whatever you would like to know that I might have insight on. Add your question to the comments (feel free to remain anonymous) and in a few days I'll compile them with answers.. then if anyone has special insight and wants to add to my answers you can add that to the comments of the next post. Should be interesting...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things no one told me - Part Two

This 'thing' is actually a couple things all having to do with nursing, while I have a lot to say about nursing in general (regading the fact that this is a lot different in practice than it was in theory) but I'm going to remain focused for now on one issue in particular. Once I started breast feeding, the nurses and doctors all were very concerned with the condition of my nipples, but no one really said anything about WHY they were concerned. I assumed it was just for my comfort and didn't realize there was so much more to their concern than that.

We had a really scary experience with Colin while Sean's family was visiting. Randomly, he spilt up a blood clot, the front of his shirt was splotched with blood and he had a little clot just sitting there on the colar. It was absoluetly TERRIFING! We called the pediatricain, of course it was after hours so we had to wait for the on call doctor to call us back. It seemed like it took 2 hours for them to call back but it was probably no more than 10-15 minuets, but in the meantime we are getting everything ready for a trip to the ER. The doctor calls back and very non-chalately says 'oh thats nothing to worry about its probably from your nipples'. I'm thinking 'WHAT?' Apparently what I thought were just blood blisters were more actively bleeding during nursing causing Colin to ingest blood which subsequently came back up when he spit up. The doctor made me wake him up and make him nurse and she said if he nursed he was fine. Well the kid never has trouble eating so once we woke him up (not always easy) he ate like a champ, so he was obviously fine but it was very very scary. I don't know why if this was no big deal why it wouldn't have been mentioned somewhere?!? Just FYI babies spitting up blood is not necessarily an emergency.

The other real 'nipple health' issue that is important to be aware of, that I feel like I only narrowly avoided, is thrush. It is a yeast infection that occurs on the nipple and in babies mouth. It is a pretty nasty little problem not only because the treatment has to go on for weeks and weeks and baby and mom can juts keep re-infecting each other but it is painful! I took a preventative measure and started rinsing in a very mild vinegar solution which is supposed to discourage yeast growth. So far so good! There are also a couple good products that are like chap stick that you don't have to clean off before nursing and that discourage cracking.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Things no one told me- Part One

Standing on the other side of this issue, it is a lot easier to talk (write) about. I wasn't sure I would want to post about this issue because it is a little embarrassing but I think that is the reason it never gets discussed. The fact is that 30-50% of women will experience urinary incontinence after labor. There are two types of urinary incontinence, one is where you leak urine while laughing or coughing (this apparently also occurs during pregnancy in some women although I didn't experience it) and the other type that affected me is where the 'urge' to urinate is lost and therefore your bladder just empties without any warning. This happened to me in the hospital, it was late a night and Colin had fallen asleep on me after nursing so I didn't get up out of bed for a while. As soon as I did... well I'll spare you the graphic details but you can imagine the scene. I of course was horrified and start tearing up (remember hormones still out of whack) thinking I was permanently broken. I should mention at this point that my bladder had suffered some trauma earlier that day when my catheter tube got blocked and therefore my bladder wasn't emptying for quite sometime, when I finally started to get uncomfortable and alter the staff it took them over an hour to correct the problem (July is when all the new resident doctors start so they weren't really on top of their game yet) once corrected they emptied 1500 cc's out of my bladder. I looked it up and the average bladder holds 300cc's so clearly I was a bit over extended. I thought my issues were related to this but once I started looking it up it probably has just as much (if not more) to do with actually giving birth to a 8lb + baby. After coming home I did continue to have some trouble with it the first few days, nothing like what happened in the hospital but enough to really scare me into doing the research on it. It is apparently one of the arguments for elective cesareans because in some women it doesn't improve, or gets better but returns much later in life (there is a reason most adult diaper commercials are geared toward women). Apparently it is more likely to occur when you have a baby who is larger than 8 lbs or an episiotomy (although I'm not sure exactly why an episiotomy is related).
So now consider yourself warned... having a baby vaginally could lead to urinary incontinence, but it is not necessarily a permanent condition so there is no need to freak out if it happens to you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Pictures

The cutie pie!

Nappin' on his mama.

Playing 'Make an 'O' face'

Here is Colin mimicking the 'O' face.

Nappin' on his Daddy.