Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick Update

I'm not sure how much longer this nap will last but I wanted to pop and and post a quick update. Colin went to the doctor last night for his 4 week appointment and he is now 11lbs 3 oz and is 22.5 inches long. He was very well behaved for the doctor which was good seeing as he has been a little more difficult the last few days. I'm assuming he is in a growth spurt because he has just been insatiable! No naps last more than 45 mins because he is so hungry and must eat every 2 hours (luckily this is only during the day, he is still sleeping for 3 hours at night at least one time). I've also started pumping since today he is 4 weeks old and we are thus through the 'nipple confusion' period and can start giving bottles of expressed milk. I'm also hoping pumping will help increase the supply a bit so he will get more in one feeding and therefore be able to go longer in between feedings. I'll never get my thesis finished if he doesn't start giving me some more time between feedings.

Here are some recent pics.

Feeling chilly after a bath.

Checking out my 'friends'

Look I'm a big boy with shoes on!


Kristy said...

Colin looks cuter in that outfit (bottom pic) than Lukas did!!! I can't wait to play with him!!!

Elaine said...

This message is for Colin: It was so nice to finally meet you. You are such a lucky kid to have two wonderful parents and supportive family members. I hope to see you again very soon!!!- Elaine