Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things

This blog is all about a few of my current favorite things. Some I've purchased and some other people purchased for me but all are things I couldn't live without right now.

First, my Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover, also known as a hooter hider. I kid you not when I tell you its the best $40 I've ever spent. Lots of mommy's say a receiving blanket would work the same way, I say no way jose!! Blankets never stayed in place for me and as Colin wiggled and 'feel off' I would have to move it with one hand and try to adjust Colin with the other. Forget trying to nurse outside in the wind...there goes the blanket. Other nursing covers don't have the special feature this one does. See the way it bows out away from me? That allows me to see Colin without sacrificing modesty or using an hand, so if I have to adjust him I can do it easily. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this, and if you are having a baby shower anytime soon I will be buying one for you. =)

Baby Socks that don't leave marks on skin. I have no idea what brand of socks they are, or who gave them too me but they are my favorites because they don't cut into Colin's skin leaving marks or cutting off circulation. He has chubby little ankles so the other socks either fall off or leave him with marks, I wish I had more of these.. but again I don't know where to get them.

UPDATE: My mother in law called today to tell us that she purchased these socks for Colin because she liked them when Sean and Chris were little. So she is going to find us some more in the next size! Horray!

Swaddle blankets- We have swaddled Colin since he was born. He is a pretty active baby, even in his sleep he would flail his arms and wake himself up. So the swaddle blankets keep his arms tight to his sides and help keep him from waking himself up. We tried using receiving blankets to swaddle and we couldn't get them to stay without the use of safety pins and even then, he would wiggle out and wake up. Kiddopotamus makes an easy to use swaddling blanket that has Velcro to keep it together and Colin rarely escapes from these. This brand even has a whole in the back that allows me to use them in the car seat. Until we used these I would occasionally use an ace bandage in the car seat to keep his arms from flailing. It worked like a charm, I would wrap his arms up and he would go to sleep but we were always on high alert to keep a blanket over the bandage so people didn't see it and think we were abusing our child. Although as he gets older, people tend to be more and more uncomfortable with our tight wrapping but he is happy when he is wrapped up and he sleeps very well this way. In fact I wrapped him up yesterday for a 2 hour drive that I had to make by myself and he slept the whole way without waking up.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Colin at two months:

Weighs:13lbs 12 ozs 95%
Height: 24 inches 95%
Head circ: 40 cm 50%
Sleeps: 4 hrs max one time first thing at night.
Likes: his Daddy, his mobile, his bath, eating, his swing.
Dislikes: gas, vaccines, having his eyes cleaned.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Vaccine Book- Review

Colin will get his first vaccinations this evening (he was supposed to get them yesterday but the dr had to take her mother to the ER). In honor of that I decided it was time I addressed the vaccine debate that has been occurring in the media and on mommy blogs everywhere. Some parents have linked vaccines to the development of autism in their children and while the research doesn't seem to support these claims, their voice is being heard. Autism isn't the only issue with vaccines but it is a popular one right now.

Like everything else, this topic worried me so I did some research. Of all the things I read I think Dr. Sears book, The Vaccine Book is most in line with my views on the issue and does a really good job providing you with the information needed to make your own decisions about vaccinations.

For Colin and any future children we will be following an alternative vaccination schedule that still gives all the 'required' vaccines to children in time for school admission but spreads them out a little bit more so as not to give 4-5 vaccines in one office visit. The AAP lists 5 vaccines that Colin should get at 2months old HIB, Rotavirus, DTaP, Polio and Pc, on the schedule we will be following he will get 2 of these tonight, 2 in a few weeks and Polio when he is two.

In general there are three types of controversial ingredients:
preservatives- like aluminum and mercury
human and animal parts.

The book outlines all the potential issues with each of these ingredients and outlines a plan to minimize the risks whether they are real or not! I really recommend this book to anyone who is nervous about the hazards associated with the number of vaccines children are required to get.

The downside of the alternative schedule are more visits to the doctor (and more co-pays) and potentially more individual shots since some of the combo shots are broken up into their individual components. For me, this is a small price to pay for a healthy child and peace of mind.

How to do laundry:

So as I did laundry the other day I realized the double challenge of doing laundry in the city and with a baby might make for an interesting read since I was laughing at myself throughout the process because of how silly it is. While I find myself lucky that we have laundry in our building and I no longer have to go to the laundromat, it is still a challenge to get laundry done with the baby because it isn't in my apartment. So I thought I might write a "how to" article (tongue in cheek) in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation... Or you just want a window into my day. =) So here goes.

  • Decide that laundry has piled to high and it must be cleaned pronto. If your smart you sort the night before... I'm not smart.
  • Feed the baby his first feeding of the morning... this will give you 2 hours of 'awake' time with which to do laundry. Since it theoretically should only take 30 mins to wash and 30 to dry this should be plenty of time.
  • Change the diaper (swish and flush).
  • Place baby in his crib to check out his 'friends' for a minute.
  • Wind the mobile.
  • Sort the laundry.
  • Wind the mobile.
  • Finish sorting the laundry and get it packed into the cart with detergents (one for baby one for family.) Gather quarters and keys.
  • Dress in whatever is handy.
  • Pack the baby into an infant carrier (the kind you wear, not the car seat).
  • Unpack the baby and change your shirt because you forgot to layer a diaper cloth in front of him and you just got spit up all over the front of you.
  • Repack the baby into the infant carrier and proceed downstairs.
  • Out one door in another requiring a 180 degree turn and keys.
  • Into the laundry room where you quickly load clothes into washers a curse yourself for forgetting a pacifier.
  • Realize you have four loads when your only 'allowed' three... load four anyway and throw an apologetic glance at the camera that is 'only there for your protection'.
  • Set timer for 30 minuets.
  • Out one door in another.
  • Up the elevator, into the apartment.
  • Unpack the baby from the carrier.
  • Vow to go down before the timer goes off to save time.
  • Figure now is a good time to take a shower.
  • Put the baby in his bouncy seat and put seat outside the bathroom door, get into the shower leaving bathroom door and shower curtain open so you can see the baby.
  • Freeze during the entire shower because the curtain and door are open.
  • Finish shower dress quickly, the baby is getting antsy.
  • Put the baby back in the crib to talk to his friends, wind the mobile.
  • Feel guilty for constantly using this trick.
  • Pour a bowl of cereal, eat it in the nursery supervising play time.
  • Wind the mobile.
  • Realize you haven't brushed your hair yet, go back to bedroom to do that while finishing cereal.
  • Hear the timer go off.. curses!
  • Pack the baby into infant carrier, remember to protect your shirt
  • Down the elevator, out one door in another.
  • Move laundry from washer into dryer.. careful not to crush baby feet. Realize how difficult it is to unload a washer with a baby strapped to your chest. It takes you twice as long because you can only use one hand in a semi back-bend style move. This move is very ineffective with baby laundry.
  • Dryer sheets for adult clothes dryer balls for baby clothes.
  • Set the timer.
  • Out one door in another up the elevator.
  • Realize it has been close to two hours since the baby last ate, sometimes he falls asleep now, sometimes he wants to eat now.
  • Twenty minutes until the laundry needs to be picked up. If he falls asleep you'll have to wake up you to get the laundry, and he will be pissed.
  • Re-consider leaving him sleeping in the apartment while you go get laundry.
  • Decide its still a bad idea.
  • The baby is starting to get cranky, attempt to stall him with pacifiers and shhhing.
  • 10 minuets until laundry needs to be picked up.
  • Decide you better feed the baby, the neighbors might call CPS if you let him cry for the next ten minutes, you'll just have to pick up the laundry late.
  • Feed the baby
  • Timer goes off
  • Finish one side while imagining people riffling through your laundry steeling clothes. (which they would only do if the dryer stopped obviously!)
  • Attempt to burp the baby, get nothing.
  • Pack the baby into infant carrier.. foiled again!...change your shirt!
  • Down elevator, out one door and in another.
  • Load laundry back into two baskets and a bag. The heat of the dryers makes baby fall asleep.
  • Move even slower while bending into dryers so as not to jar the sleeping baby and wake him up.
  • Out one door in another. Up the elevator
  • Leave laundry in baskets but dump out baby clothes onto the love seat so they don't get too wrinkled all packed in the bag.
  • Carefully remove baby from carrier.
  • Lay down on the couch with baby, you both deserve a nap.

Elapsed time 3 hours.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I got a new camera

I asked for a digital SLR for my birthday (back in june) and due to the expense we had all of my family chip in. It took me a while to actually go get it, mainly because I was convinced I could get a better deal. Yep! I got my better deal to the tune of $100 less than the price a month ago (seriously, I'm the ultimate bargin shopper.) Anyway... here is the best photo from today. You can't tell me this child of mine isn't beyond cute. The smile was for his father.

Its a pretty good camera, don't you think?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Q and A: Finally

Sorry guys I'm a little slow to post this because I was working on it in a file that had been on Sean's computer and I don't usually turn his computer on during the day.. but here it is!

Anonymous said...
Is it true that after you give birth you get your menstrual cycle?
ME: the short answer to this question is yes. The long answer actually depends on what you mean by menstrual cycle. If you are asking if you bleed after giving birth they yes yes and yes.. you essentially make up for the nine months you got to skip your period. If you are asking if its true that right after giving birth you are very fertile then the answer is still yes. This is part of the reason you are told to wait 6 weeks before having sex again (irish twins anyone?), although that is also to help you heal. However, your real menstrual cycle (the compete 28 day process) takes a while to return to normal, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Elaine said...
1) How does breast feeding really feel? How do you know how much your baby has received? Do you just start leaking during the day? ME: Honestly while it is a little uncomfortable (as in discomfort not awkward uncomfortable) at first it really feels totally natural. How much baby gets is always a tricky question. You basically measure by how much time they spend at the breast, and you can’t really know how much in ounces baby is getting. You can be sure baby is getting enough by monitoring the output. Leaking is tricky business, I know a couple mom who have had trouble with this.. so far I havn’t really. Occasionally overnight during the early weeks I would wake up thinking I was covered in sweat and it wasn’t sweat but I have yet to need to wear breast pads… I’ll let you know if that changes.

2)Are you using cloth style diapers, if so are they very absorbant?
ME: See posts about gDiapers.

3) Even with an epidural, does the episiotimy (sp??) still hurt? What actions do you need to take after the fact to ensure proper healing?
ME: No.. I wouldn’t have known I was getting one except that I could SEE it. I didn’t even have much pain afterwards ( Although remember my pain threshold is set strangely). They give you some ointment to put on the pads you wear and they had me sit on ice packs, but I think that was more for the swelling (which was scary excessive) than for the episiotomy.
4) I have many questions about the whole hemmroid thing during pregnancy and post pregnancy?
ME: Unfortunatly I can’t help you here… I didn’t get hemmeroids but from what I’ve heard it’s no big deal.
5) Is it true you have to produce a stool sample before the hospital will let you come home (my mom told me that she had...but that was so long ago...)
ME: No as long as you pass gas they don’t make you poop.. They don’t keep you long enough to require that anymore.
6) Do you think that videotaping a birth is something people would ever really want to watch?
ME: No freaking way.. the whole thing is like watching a train wreck. No thank you.

I am sure I will have more. And I don't mind sharing my name since people know I have a million questions.
August 9, 2008 6:05 AM

Kristeen said...
I just want to say that I think it's pretty awesome of you to do this. :)
ME: Thanks.
August 9, 2008 10:48 AM

Kristy said...
I don't have any questions I just want PICTURES!
ME: Oh Kristy!
August 11, 2008 8:36 AM

Erin said...
How long did they let you keep your epidural after delivery?
ME: I don’t remember is the easy answer but I feel like it was cut way back during the delivery to help me feel through the pushing. They took the needle out fairly quickly. I was out of L&D and into recovery in about an hour.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun things in store

Aside from my normal posting, I may be given the opportunity to occasionally review and or giveaway green, sustainable, earth friendly products. I just joined the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour though GreenandCleanMom.org and I have to say I'm excited about the possibility. There will even be some sort of compensation for reviewing the products! Fun right? Don't worry, no matter how much they pay me, I'll still tell it like it is. Sean always says "you gotta keep it real". (I'll let you know when I'm reviewing products just because I feel like it (see gDiaper review) and when I'm reviewing products because I've been asked to)
In order to be more 'official' I've added a hit counter to site down at the bottom of the page. I imagine the more hits I have the more likely I'll be offered reviews. Are you as excited as I am?

Monday, September 8, 2008

g Diaper Review

Lots of folks have been asking me about g Diapers so I am finally getting a chance to blog about it. (I should be addressing birth announcements but this is more fun.) So we didn't use them at all for the first two weeks while our moms were staying with us because 1) you are changing diapers every 2 mins with a newborn and 2) I didn't want 'fit' issues to be complicated by the multiple different hands changing diapers. So in week three I started trying them out. Here is what I like about them:

1) I find them easier to put on then 'sposies. Seriously I open and close a disposable diaper approximately 13 times before being satisfied that there are no wrinkles, the seal is good and its not too tight or too loose. We a little g pant I there is no little wisps of diaper to be dealt with so them Velcro on and I do a little 'peak' in the legs to make sure the snap in liner is making a good seal with his legs and we are off
2) Flushing is GREAT! Yes it does add some processing time, and I generally can't flush immediately it greatly reduces the amount of garbage and I'm all about that. Our toilets have absolutely no problem handling the load. And for the person who was worried about diapers showing up on beaches, over 90% of the diaper just dissolves in the water, there isn't anything to wash up. (Aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure what ends up on beaches is from street run off, NOT from flushing things down the toilet...)
3) They are freaking ADORABLE. I'm going to try to get a cuter pic than the one below but its the best I have for now.
4) I have the perfect number of diapers for my needs (8 works really well and doesn't mean I do laundry every day and 5 of those were second hand) and I feel good about washing and re-using instead of tossing. Plus I can save them for the next baby (scheduled to arrive in December of 2010.. I'm such a planner).

Here is what I don't like.
1) This is a positive and a negative.. they don't hold a lot of pee. Its a positive because it means you child isn't going to be sitting in wet diaper for very long ( which means less chance of diaper rash.) Since the liner dissolves in water it shrinks up a little when it gets pee-ed on, therefore if they pee too many times you don't have good coverage and things start leaking. This makes them less than ideal for a car trip when you might not be able to change a diaper at moments notice. Therefore we have been keeping 7th Gen (more on these later) diapers on hand for such times. We have not yet tried to use g's overnight because there would be way too much laundry involved if we had a leak.

2) The poo run-eth over. Infant poop isn't solid but its not totally liquid either, so during the first two weeks I was using them, I kept getting poo, not only on the snap in liner but also on the little g. This actually hasn't happened in a while but even when it was happening frequently I have enough little g pants that its okay if a few are in the laundry. They give you 2 snap in liners for every little g because it is expected that you were get poop on the liner. Although recently this hasn't even been a problem.

So in conclusion... LOVE THEM and I do not find them to be a hassle at all. While they aren't great for all circumstances they are perfect for what I need and it isn't as if I have an exclusive contract, if I need to use a disposable diaper I do. I can't comment on cost right now because I got so much from my sister for my baby shower I haven't had to purchase anything. I bought 5 little g pants second hand for $35 I think. They are about $13 new, but its what you would pay for a baby outfit and you get a lot more use out of them than the clothes since we change diapers 10 times a day at least.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Home again, home again...

In case you didn't know, I was out of town (and without Internet) for the last week. Sean and I rented a house on Keuka lake and your families rotated in and out for some Q-T with us and little Colin. It couldn't have gone better and Colin was a total GEM in the car. The 6+ hour drive was very intimidating but he slept most of the way and woke up long enough to take bottles of freshly pumped breast milk. I think he fussed for a total of 15 mins (on and off) on the way home and that was it. What a good little baby!! I also had my ten year high school reunion on Saturday night. While it wasn't really well attended it was a lot of fun and not overly 'cliquey' as many people warned me it would be.

I've got lots of pictures and new post ideas that I'll get up this week. My husband is very worried my week hiatus has caused me to loose readership. According to him he doesn't read the blogs posts, just the comments so he would be very disappointed if people stopped commenting.