Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few of my favorite things

This blog is all about a few of my current favorite things. Some I've purchased and some other people purchased for me but all are things I couldn't live without right now.

First, my Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover, also known as a hooter hider. I kid you not when I tell you its the best $40 I've ever spent. Lots of mommy's say a receiving blanket would work the same way, I say no way jose!! Blankets never stayed in place for me and as Colin wiggled and 'feel off' I would have to move it with one hand and try to adjust Colin with the other. Forget trying to nurse outside in the wind...there goes the blanket. Other nursing covers don't have the special feature this one does. See the way it bows out away from me? That allows me to see Colin without sacrificing modesty or using an hand, so if I have to adjust him I can do it easily. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this, and if you are having a baby shower anytime soon I will be buying one for you. =)

Baby Socks that don't leave marks on skin. I have no idea what brand of socks they are, or who gave them too me but they are my favorites because they don't cut into Colin's skin leaving marks or cutting off circulation. He has chubby little ankles so the other socks either fall off or leave him with marks, I wish I had more of these.. but again I don't know where to get them.

UPDATE: My mother in law called today to tell us that she purchased these socks for Colin because she liked them when Sean and Chris were little. So she is going to find us some more in the next size! Horray!

Swaddle blankets- We have swaddled Colin since he was born. He is a pretty active baby, even in his sleep he would flail his arms and wake himself up. So the swaddle blankets keep his arms tight to his sides and help keep him from waking himself up. We tried using receiving blankets to swaddle and we couldn't get them to stay without the use of safety pins and even then, he would wiggle out and wake up. Kiddopotamus makes an easy to use swaddling blanket that has Velcro to keep it together and Colin rarely escapes from these. This brand even has a whole in the back that allows me to use them in the car seat. Until we used these I would occasionally use an ace bandage in the car seat to keep his arms from flailing. It worked like a charm, I would wrap his arms up and he would go to sleep but we were always on high alert to keep a blanket over the bandage so people didn't see it and think we were abusing our child. Although as he gets older, people tend to be more and more uncomfortable with our tight wrapping but he is happy when he is wrapped up and he sleeps very well this way. In fact I wrapped him up yesterday for a 2 hour drive that I had to make by myself and he slept the whole way without waking up.


Crystal said...

I absolutely love that picture of your dad with Colin.

Elaine said...

I definitely at this point in life do not need a hooter hider, but if you come across a hiney hider, pick me up a few!!!

Amy said...

That nursing blanket IS pretty awesome!!