Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun things in store

Aside from my normal posting, I may be given the opportunity to occasionally review and or giveaway green, sustainable, earth friendly products. I just joined the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour though GreenandCleanMom.org and I have to say I'm excited about the possibility. There will even be some sort of compensation for reviewing the products! Fun right? Don't worry, no matter how much they pay me, I'll still tell it like it is. Sean always says "you gotta keep it real". (I'll let you know when I'm reviewing products just because I feel like it (see gDiaper review) and when I'm reviewing products because I've been asked to)
In order to be more 'official' I've added a hit counter to site down at the bottom of the page. I imagine the more hits I have the more likely I'll be offered reviews. Are you as excited as I am?