Monday, September 8, 2008

g Diaper Review

Lots of folks have been asking me about g Diapers so I am finally getting a chance to blog about it. (I should be addressing birth announcements but this is more fun.) So we didn't use them at all for the first two weeks while our moms were staying with us because 1) you are changing diapers every 2 mins with a newborn and 2) I didn't want 'fit' issues to be complicated by the multiple different hands changing diapers. So in week three I started trying them out. Here is what I like about them:

1) I find them easier to put on then 'sposies. Seriously I open and close a disposable diaper approximately 13 times before being satisfied that there are no wrinkles, the seal is good and its not too tight or too loose. We a little g pant I there is no little wisps of diaper to be dealt with so them Velcro on and I do a little 'peak' in the legs to make sure the snap in liner is making a good seal with his legs and we are off
2) Flushing is GREAT! Yes it does add some processing time, and I generally can't flush immediately it greatly reduces the amount of garbage and I'm all about that. Our toilets have absolutely no problem handling the load. And for the person who was worried about diapers showing up on beaches, over 90% of the diaper just dissolves in the water, there isn't anything to wash up. (Aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure what ends up on beaches is from street run off, NOT from flushing things down the toilet...)
3) They are freaking ADORABLE. I'm going to try to get a cuter pic than the one below but its the best I have for now.
4) I have the perfect number of diapers for my needs (8 works really well and doesn't mean I do laundry every day and 5 of those were second hand) and I feel good about washing and re-using instead of tossing. Plus I can save them for the next baby (scheduled to arrive in December of 2010.. I'm such a planner).

Here is what I don't like.
1) This is a positive and a negative.. they don't hold a lot of pee. Its a positive because it means you child isn't going to be sitting in wet diaper for very long ( which means less chance of diaper rash.) Since the liner dissolves in water it shrinks up a little when it gets pee-ed on, therefore if they pee too many times you don't have good coverage and things start leaking. This makes them less than ideal for a car trip when you might not be able to change a diaper at moments notice. Therefore we have been keeping 7th Gen (more on these later) diapers on hand for such times. We have not yet tried to use g's overnight because there would be way too much laundry involved if we had a leak.

2) The poo run-eth over. Infant poop isn't solid but its not totally liquid either, so during the first two weeks I was using them, I kept getting poo, not only on the snap in liner but also on the little g. This actually hasn't happened in a while but even when it was happening frequently I have enough little g pants that its okay if a few are in the laundry. They give you 2 snap in liners for every little g because it is expected that you were get poop on the liner. Although recently this hasn't even been a problem.

So in conclusion... LOVE THEM and I do not find them to be a hassle at all. While they aren't great for all circumstances they are perfect for what I need and it isn't as if I have an exclusive contract, if I need to use a disposable diaper I do. I can't comment on cost right now because I got so much from my sister for my baby shower I haven't had to purchase anything. I bought 5 little g pants second hand for $35 I think. They are about $13 new, but its what you would pay for a baby outfit and you get a lot more use out of them than the clothes since we change diapers 10 times a day at least.


Amy said...

Awesome pic! I literally laughed out loud to see his adorable little backside!! hehehe.... REALLY! As for the g diapers- I am glad you like them because had we had known about them when Sammie was born we would have probably used them. I love the fact that they are flushable and the outside is like a wee outfit in itself. Too adorable. (I am just not as savy about researching things like you are- kuddos to you!)

Tiffiny said...

This is a great pic! Total advertising here. I can definitely see myself using these in the future (our first will be arriving just a few months before your second!)