Monday, September 15, 2008

The Vaccine Book- Review

Colin will get his first vaccinations this evening (he was supposed to get them yesterday but the dr had to take her mother to the ER). In honor of that I decided it was time I addressed the vaccine debate that has been occurring in the media and on mommy blogs everywhere. Some parents have linked vaccines to the development of autism in their children and while the research doesn't seem to support these claims, their voice is being heard. Autism isn't the only issue with vaccines but it is a popular one right now.

Like everything else, this topic worried me so I did some research. Of all the things I read I think Dr. Sears book, The Vaccine Book is most in line with my views on the issue and does a really good job providing you with the information needed to make your own decisions about vaccinations.

For Colin and any future children we will be following an alternative vaccination schedule that still gives all the 'required' vaccines to children in time for school admission but spreads them out a little bit more so as not to give 4-5 vaccines in one office visit. The AAP lists 5 vaccines that Colin should get at 2months old HIB, Rotavirus, DTaP, Polio and Pc, on the schedule we will be following he will get 2 of these tonight, 2 in a few weeks and Polio when he is two.

In general there are three types of controversial ingredients:
preservatives- like aluminum and mercury
human and animal parts.

The book outlines all the potential issues with each of these ingredients and outlines a plan to minimize the risks whether they are real or not! I really recommend this book to anyone who is nervous about the hazards associated with the number of vaccines children are required to get.

The downside of the alternative schedule are more visits to the doctor (and more co-pays) and potentially more individual shots since some of the combo shots are broken up into their individual components. For me, this is a small price to pay for a healthy child and peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

From my piece in Special Education, you are right that there is no conclusive evidence that autism and vaccines are related. The significant rise in identification of autism is alarming so I am not 100% convinced that perhaps something we are doing to the environment is not aiding the onset of this, but I believe that researchers are working as quickly as they can to figure it out.

I have not put much thought, to be honest, into the vaccine thing, since I am not even expecting. But I do not see the harm in spreading out the vaccines. I mean, realistically a co-pay is worth it as you said for peace of mind. I would be interesting in reading the book just to have knowledge about things. If you have any other books that you felt provided sound research that would be great to share. - Elaine

Kristy said...

You have to pay for well child visits? You shouldn't have to.