Friday, October 17, 2008

Colin is Three months old!

Age: 3months
Weight: 15lbs 12oz (82nd %ile)
Height: 25.64 inchs (89th %ile)
Head Circ: 42cm (59th%ile)
Sleeps: Erratically, sometimes 5 hours, sometimes 2 hours. Averages about 12hrs a day total (on the low side for his age group, but the doctor isn't concerned)
  • Chewing on his fingers or burp cloths,any fabric that's handy really, but he hasn't mastered holding solid objects yet.
  • The TV, scary, I know! I guess I don't get to watch daytime TV anymore as soon as I turn it on he's mesmerized.
  • Eating
  • Swinging, at least one nap a day occurs in the swing, for some reason he is not a fan of napping in the crib.
  • Traveling, we went for a little drive yesterday and he chatted with me most of the way. So precious.
  • Kicking! The boy is going to be a soccer player, he loves kicking and moving his legs


  • Sleeping for extended periods of time.
  • Having his nails trimmed or filed.
  • Having his eye (just the left one is still getting gookie) cleaned

One more silly picture for good measure.. I wouldn't want you to get the impression that they are all good ones!!


Carol said...

I think he is saying hey MOM who needs their sleep I'm a busy boy and I've got things to do but you know what I'll be giving you this look on the day you say I need to try spinach. GGGGGG

Anonymous said...

I think he is keeping his options open for future employment. The world can always use another Elvis impersonator..he he he...It is a super cute picture...well all his pictures are super cute!!! It is amazing to see how much he has grown in only 3 months- Elaine