Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How's Colin Doing?

Since I'm with my little man everyday I keep thinking there isn't much new and exciting going on to talk about... but I guess maybe there are some new things, (I'll let you be the judge of exciting).
The top two questions people ask about Colin are 1. Is he eating well? and 2. Is he sleeping well? The answer to both of these questions is 'Yes, sort of'. He eats well when he nurses, too well in fact. I have to stop him at ten minuets per side now or else he gets too full and throws up. (I have spoken to his doctor about this and I'm aware of the larger problems that could also lead to frequent throwing up but we are pretty sure he is in the clear for those). He has only throw up a total of 6 times so it isn't that frequent but its enough to be distressing. It hasn't been a problem since I started timing him obsessively. No fear in him going hungry, hes still putting on weight like a champ. The other feeding issue we are having is that he doesn't like eating from a bottle... We can usually get him to take an ounce but anything more than that is a bit of a struggle. I've tried four different nipples and the adiri bottle but nothing has been an easy fix... any ideas here would be greatly appreciated!!
As for sleeping, he is a bit of a tease. While I was visiting my mom, one night he slept 5 hours and 50 mins, but he has yet to repeat this performance (this was the night after I spent most of the day at the MacAlpines, I think all the kids must have worn him out! Thanks Jen!)...most nights he will sleep 4 hours followed by 2 then 1. If I'm really lucky he will do 4 then 3 but that too is illusive. I feel like I can't complain because 95% of the time after he wakes up he eats and goes right back to sleep. So far he hasn't switched his days and nights so I feel pretty lucky, although I hear it can happen at any time. He naps pretty well, but he doesn't like to go into the crib during his nap. For example right now he is asleep on my chest. He will sleep the longest in this position, but also does well in his swing (although if I walk away and let it stop the nap is over!)

He has really found his voice over the last month or so and loves talking to us and his friends. I'm going to work on getting the video uploaded, but I can't get up to go get the camera right now (see above). We often have cute 'coverstations' with him as he coos at us and loves to hear us mimic the sounds he makes. He also has improved his control over his hands and now is able to bring them to his mouth and chew on his fist or fingers...I'm a little worried this will lead to thumb sucking but so far he keeps his thumb buried in his fist. While I would rather not start that habit if I can help it, he is not all that into the pacifier for the most part, so he may take to his thumb when he can find it.

Here is a picture for Nate and Amy (and the rest of our Buffalo friends) n.b. this outfit makes him look bigger than he is.


Sneks said...

OMG! Adore the Buffalo Bills shirt!

Glad to hear all is going well!

Elaine said...

Brandon will be proud when he sees this one. He does like quite "built" in that outfit...has he worn any of his "Mets" gear yet?

Amy said...

AHHHH!!! BOO!!! I love Colin in the Bills attire! Nathan will love this pic when he gets home. I want a copy! I am sure Nate will frame it. He looks like a wee little linebacker too! hehe! Love you all.

Kristy said...

I have mentioned this a few times before, but for the love of f@#$, will you just try a slow latex nipple???

Becky said...

i did try it!! it was no different than the others..