Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My good little traveler

This past weekend the family made a trip to Massachusetts for Crystal and Nick's wedding. Colin came along and stayed in the hotel with our good friend Elaine (who was nice enough to make the hour drive to babysit for us) during the wedding and reception. While Colin wasn't necessarily on his best behavior for Elaine he did okay, neither one came out of the event traumatized. The wedding was a lot of fun, but I found that I was a bit distracted (not worried so much, just distracted) wondering how my baby was much of the night. It didn't help that there was a little baby boy at the wedding so every time I saw that baby I thought about Colin. I imagine I'll get better at leaving him and it wasn't a bad experience for his first non-family babysitter.
The next day we went to Salem for the day. We were a little worried about how Colin would do in the stroller (which is the car seat) all day when he had been in the car seat traveling the day before, but he was perfect. We did some shopping and went to the Witch Museum, and then we went back to Elaine and Brandon's house for the night.
To round out the weekend we even stopped in to see Erin and her twins (remember Erin from the belly to belly bumps picture) I was hoping to get a picture of the three boys together but there wasn't an opportunity because one of the three was sleeping or eating the entire time. Ben and Sam were certainly showing interest in Colin but Colin didn't seem to notice the other baby's quite yet. Soon, we'll be getting the boys together and they will be running around and playing but for now the play dates are more for Erin and I to get together than the boys. =)
Sean and I couldn't believe how well Colin did. We fully expected a baby would make us slow down our lifestyle but so far he is so good, that we are still able to travel to see friends and family. I couldn't be happier!


Elaine said...

It was absolutely my pleasure to watch Colin. We had a GREAT time..and I am still saving those books for my next "nanny" gig. I hope you have another wedding this way sometime soon. I had such a great time and I am glad to hear that you all had a great time too..you all were very busy, you deserve a nap!

Kristeen said...

Oh my goodness what a cute picture... warm fuzzy :)

Carol said...

Oh my I love the stripes, he is so adorable. Love GGGGGGGG

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

They only slow you down if you let them! He is getting so big!

Oana said...

becky this is the cutest picture...he is adorable u think we can get this picture on snapfish or on the email.
have a nice day

Crystal D. said...

What a great picture. :) Sent you an email about the "baby" thing!