Friday, October 10, 2008

Seventh Generation Diaper Review

Aside from gDiapers, we have tried a couple of other more environmentally conscious (and kid friendly) diapers. One of our favorites are Seventh Generation diapers. They are made without the use of chlorine and latex and therefore are better for babies skin as well as the environment. While they aren't making claims that these diapers don't sit in a landfill for 100 yrs, the lack of chemicals both in the final product and in the production process make for a more eco-friendly product. They are also fragrance free.. I still don't understand why other brands (eg. Pampers) feel the need to scent their diapers! Seriously? It certainly doesn't cause the poop to smell less!

So how do they work? Not bad!! While they aren't 100% leak free, in fact we had some freaking crazy blow out leaks during our trip to mass., I think I've discovered the secret to them. The internal 'walls' sometimes sometimes get stuck to the diaper and don't pop up. I have yet to get a leak since I've learned this secret. Some packages have more stuck sides than others. If you have tried Seventh Gen diapers and found them leaky, try again and pay attention to the 'walls'.

We also use their chlorine free wipes, although I use a huggies container with the Seventh Gen. refill packs because the seventh gen container is really rough on your fingers if the wipes don't 'pop up'. We ended up with a pack of Huggies wipes while traveling, who knew we used more than one pack of wipes in 10 days!!

Final verdict: I recommend these diapers if you need to use disposable diapers.

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