Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleep Relapse

Prior to Friday night Colin had been approaching a consistent 6 hours of sleep, but at the very least was sleeping 4 hours straight every night. I have absolutely no idea what changed but Friday, Saturday and Monday nights he wouldn't sleep longer than 2/3 hours at a time. Just when I was starting to think we had turned a corner he has relapsed. I'm really hoping it is just a growth spurt that has him extra hungry and it won't last long but man...I'm tired! Sean seems to remember reading that it is normal for babies to get worse before they get better but we can't find where he read that and I'm starting to think it is just wishful thinking... What ever happened to baby's start sleeping though the night at 10lbs?!? My little guy is pushing 15lbs and shows no signs of sleeping through the night. I would even be okay with one wake up a night but 4 is going to be the death of me.
When did your baby/ies sleep through the night?


Kristy said...

2ish... you could try a little formula at night... might hold him longer.

Kristy said...

that is 2ish months... sorry

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

It's just a growth spurt! All mine did it. Get you really excited and then every few months wham! Breelyn was 9lbs when she was born and it took her a bit so I think the 10 lbs rule is out. It won't last forever!