Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on Sleep

So while I'm letting Matlab chug some data I thought I would update you on last nights sleeping... Sean and I pulled out all the stops and Colin pulled through with 4 hours and 45 mins. Not 6, but way better than 2! So what are 'all the stops' you ask?

1) Don't put the baby to bed until after 10pm. Bedtime had started to creep toward 8 or 9pm but clearly that is a mistake for now.
2)Don't let the baby sleep at all between 4pm and 10pm (he did nearly fall asleep while eating so he got little cat naps.) Previously we have allowed up to 1 hr of sleep during this period of time.
3)Play lots of baby games and get him talking to tire him out.
4)Cluster feed! We have removed the 10min time limit for feedings after 12pm in honor of his growth spurt.
5) Turn on the white noise machine. We thought that with the a/c off he might be hearing more traffic noise and that might be waking him up.

(He was swaddled too but we always do that so its not new.)

After all that one would think this kid would sleep through the night... Maybe when he starts on solids, only another month to go before that happens. (More on that later, you can be sure I researched rice cereals!)


Anonymous said...

We didn't start solids until 6 months, years ago they said 4 months ( brendon and bree) but now some think 6 months.

Anonymous said...

I was on cereal by week 2..HA HA HA...then again I was born w/ 4 teeth and drank 4 oz at my very first feeding. I guess it is a miracle I don't weigh a 1000lbs. My mom said she had to give me cereal to sleep and to fill me up. I was eating table food, steak 4 mths..NO teeth kept coming in and she couldn't keep me full. I don't recommend this for most babies...but back then I think regulations were more lenient.===Elaine

Erin said...

Hi -- many pediatricians recommend starting rice cereal at 4 months, although the American Academy of Pediatrics still recommends 6, especially for EBF babies. Our pediatrician also recommend starting oatmeal at 4 months because of the "imprint period" between 4 and 6 months because it's believed this will help alleviate any intolerance of Gluten or Celiac's disease. Who knows -- I say, go with your gut! We started S&B at almost 6 months on rice cereal and then apples and then bananas and then pears. I wanted to delay for as long as possible b/c they were 2 months early and all of my preemie books said to go based on their gestational age ...

As for STTN -- good luck with that one! We're almost 7 months old, and Sam still won't sleep for the 12 hours that "they" say he is supposed to sleep. They're in bed by 7:30, and Ben will usually sleep through until 6:30 or so -- but Sam still likes to wake up around 3 for a bottle! I've weaned him down to 2 ounces, and pretty soon, he's getting a bottle of straight water because I'm TIRED of getting up at night, especially b/c I am still pumping. :)

** End rant **

mommymac4 said...

It's based on the individual kid, Katie (my smallest) slept through the earliest at 8 1/2 weeks. Do what works for you! I cluster fed all of mine (for an hour or so before bed time!) Unless you are still limiting him because of his vomiting, don't time him any more. Growth spurts usually only last for a few days, if it's longer than that- it could be teething. Eddie had 2 teeth by 2 months. Baby food is not the answer, Will didn't sleep through till he was 1 and that's because I made him cry it out. (Katie and Will are twins for those who don't know and Katie was 5 lbs lighter at 1 year than Will but doing 12 hours unprompted.) I will also add that I ignored the SIDS recommendation and put all of mine to sleep on their stomach as soon as they could lift their heads and turn them from side to side. I'm convinced that's what helped mine, but it's not considered safe practice.